When Life Hands You Lymes #68

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 68th segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. I hope you enjoy this week’s post. 
By the way, I’m spending the week in the Ritz Carlton in Aruba and it’s beautiful! After two weeks of ‘down time’ at a house on the beach here I’m ready to jump back into blogging and share some thoughts that I’ve gleaned with y’all. Hold on tight for some posts that will catch y’all up from my ‘break’ that I took during the last two weeks. 
And now, without further ado may I present to you When Life Hands You Lymes…
New Chapter 

Our time in California was over way before I was ready to go back home. It had been wonderful getting to hang out with Jason and have good long talks with him face to face. 
“Remember that you’re going to be alright.” Jason told me as he hugged me good bye at the airport. “This too shall pass and you’ll come out of it a stronger girl.” 
“Thanks.” I closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the words. 
“But until then I’ll be praying that we can figure out what’s going on with you.” Jason gave my shoulder a squeeze. 
The seat next to me on the plane was empty and about halfway through the flight Mom came and sat down next to me. “Are you busy?” she asked as she buckled in. 
“Um, no, I guess not.” I took my earbuds out and slipped my phone into my bag. “Is something wrong?” I sometimes get a moment of panic where my heart begins aching with fear when Mom does something out of the ordinary. I didn’t used to be like that though so that freaks me out even more because I don’t know if I’ll ever be back to normal or if I’ll keep getting worse. 
“It’s nothing bad so get that look off your face.” Mom frowned at me. “You can’t jump to conclusions and imagine everything bad whenever I come to talk with you.” 
Deep breath. Deep breath. “Right, sorry about that.” 
Mom sat there, looking at me like she thought the answer to why I was sick would show up on my face. I’d caught her doing that quite a few times recently and it was driving me nuts. 
“You wanted to tell me something?” I prompted at last. 
I fiddled with my bracelet, waiting for Mom to continue. 
“I was talking with Jason about doctors and he and I spent some time researching and we think we might have found a doctor to take you to.” 
Not again. “Mom, we’ve been to doctors.” I huffed out a loud sigh. “A lot of them.” I twisted my face into a goofy face. “And, if you haven’t noticed none of them have been able to do any good.” 
“I’m quite aware of that.” Mom held her phone out to me. “This one is a Lyme disease specialist though.” 
“We’ve tested for Lyme disease.” More then once in fact. 
“I know we have but I’ve been researching it because I’ve had a lot of people tell me that you have the symptoms of it and I guess sometimes you can have Lyme disease and the tests not pick it up.” 
Suspicious. “Why?” Like I was going to swallow that one without a good explanation. I took a closer look at the website on the phone Mom had handed me. “This doctor is in PA.” I shook my head. “Can we just drop the subject?” 
“Because you don’t want to go to the doctor or because you want to discuss it another time?” 
“I don’t want to go.” I grimaced. “Going to a specialist out of state sounds pretty serious.” 
Mom groaned. “In case you haven’t noticed what you have is pretty serious. Do you realize that instead of getting better like we’d hoped, the longer you don’t feel well the worse you’re feeling?” 
“Really?” I shrugged, knowing I was being sarcastic. 
“Pennsylvania isn’t really that far away after all.” Mom took her phone back. “And this doctor really seems to know what she’s talking about. Several of her children have had Lyme disease so she’s had reason to research it thoroughly.” 
I sighed, not knowing what else to say. “When are we going to go there?” 
“We have an appointment for the end of next week.” 
“So, you weren’t really asking my opinion about it, you were just letting me know that this is a done deal?” 
“You make it sound like I’m doing something horrible.” 
I shook my head, “Sorry Mom, I don’t want to make you feel like that.” I forced a smile to my face, “Thank you for taking care of me and trying to do what’s best. With a Mom like you my body doesn’t dare stay sick much longer.” 
I was rewarded for saying the right thing when Mom smiled, “I know this is hard, Madalyn, but it hopefully won’t be long until you’re brimming with health again and able to get on with your life.” 
“That’s great.” I nod my head like I agree with her, but inside I was crawling into my shell, determined not to let false hope get me excited again. The crash was too far each time I came back to reality and realized that doctor’s didn’t have a magic wand they could wave over me and return me to good health. 

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