When Life Hands You Lymes #67

Hey y’all! I’m happy to announce the 67th segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. This post continues right where this post left off. I hope you enjoy! 
That night we were sitting around in the living room when Jason all of a sudden jumped out of his chair with a boyish grin. “I miss our late sibling swimming parties. Let’s go.” 
“You mean tonight?” Katie looked at her watch and yawned, “It is getting late you know.” 
Jason shrugged, “You only get to come visit me for the first time in Calliefornia once, you know.” 
“He does have a point.” Darrick jumped up from the couch where he had been sitting. “Let’s go and get changed. Last one in is a rotten egg.” 
That was all I needed to run toward our girls’ room. As usual, the sun went down and my energy started coming in. Going to bed was the last thing I felt like doing. I changed into my swimming suit and was heading out the door by the time Katie was finally roused enough to head into the room. 
“I guess we’re having a swimming party.” She seemed kind of dazed. 
“Looks like you’ll be the rotten egg.” I smiled as I skidded out of the room. This was going to be so much fun. 
“Are Mom and Dad coming?” I asked Darrick. 
“Naw, they said we could go along without them.” 
The three of us scampered down to the pool, laughing and hushing each other the whole way. I reveled in the light-heartedness, my heart feeling like it was about ready to burst with joy. I loved my family so much. 
When we got to the pool we walked to the deepest end then stood in a line, oldest to youngest and holding hands we counted to three and then jumped in. Before my brothers could catch their breaths I launched into an all-out water fight. When I was younger I had learned the perfect way to splash water out of self-defense because the boys were always picking on me when we went swimming. I used my v-shaped hand technique and Jason and Darrick sputtered with surprise and returned the splashing. 
“You three sound like a bunch of chickens being attacked by a fox.” 
Katie’s loud voice made us pause mid-splash. 
“Join us!” Jason waved for her to jump in. “The pool is secluded, no one is going to hear us so we’re fine.” 
“I could hear you out in the hall.” Katie was still scowling. 
“Not too loudly though, right?” Darrick swam over closer to Katie who was standing by the edge of the pool. Jason and I follow him.
“I guess not…” Katie’s voice is still upset, but I can see a twitch under her eye. 
I gasp, realizing she’s stringing us along and quickly begin swimming backward. Just in time, too. With a hoot of laughter Katie dumped a bucket of ice right on top of my brothers. 
Howling the boys dunked under the water and then came up teeth chattering dramatically. 
“You won, you won.” Darrick held up his hands. “Water fight is officially over.” 

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