K is for Kazoo

Y’all, I get more story ideas than I’ll ever be able to use. For this A to Z Challenge I’m sharing some of these crazy and random balloons with you just for the fun of it. The posts will be set up like a backcover blurb. Sit back and enjoy! 

Some people don’t seem to think a kazoo is a real instrument, but I beg to differ. Our family has been proudly manufacturing kazoos since 1919. With a decline of kazoo-playing Americans though, we knew we had to get some publicity or one of the best instruments in the history of the world will die away. 
That’s why I decided to write to a national TV company and see if they were interested in making a documentary about our life and business. They went one step further: They gave us our own reality TV show. 
We Can Kazoo It! Is a quirky Middle Grade read written from the perspective of nine-year-old Carol. 
And because I’m in a quirky mood…

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