Word Crafting: A Job or a Hobby?

After a busy weekend I was tired this morning as I yawned, stretched and began my day. Normally I have my devotions in bed cuddled up under my blankets, but today I was so sleepy that I got up and had my devotions in my chair to ensure I would stay awake.
Underneath all my tiredness though, I have an underlying excitement because after three days of minimal writing work (I was busy with my other job and family events) I get to dive back into the writing groove. There’s nothing like being able to sit at my computer for hours at a time and immerse myself in words.

Word-crafting is a gift. A joy. My job. Sitting down day after day to form words into cohesive and suitable sentences isn’t always easy. It isn’t always fun. But it’s worth it. It’s what I do. And I love that God has given me the opportunity to touch people’s lives through writing. 
Recently someone alluded to writing for me, and others, as just being a hobby, as opposed to writing being an actual job. That thought-process escapes me. Writing is enjoyable, yes. Writing is a craft, yes. Writing is a hobby to a lot of people, yes. But writing can also be a job. Just like fixing cars can be a hobby or a job. Just like baking can be a hobby or a job. Just like raising horses can be a hobby or a job. 
My writing is a job that I love, but it’s a job nonetheless. My writing time is dedicated, focused and regular. I treat it with seriousness and continue even when I would rather give myself a break and do something else. Thankfully I also get paid for my writing. 
* * *
What about you? Do you have a job that people sometimes confuse as a hobby? I’d be delighted to hear about it. Also, make sure you enter the giveaway for my new book. You can get more entries each day, so please, spread the word! 

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