When Life Hands You Lymes #63

Happy first day of Spring! I’m celebrating the change in seasons by burning my Lilac Breeze candle for the first time. Lilacs are my favorite flowers and I eagerly await their arrival each year. 
To celebrate Friday, here’s the next segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes
After we get settled into our hotel rooms we all gather in our parent’s suite and lounge on the living room couches while planning out the rest of the day. Katie wants to tour Jason’s college. Darrick wants to go sight-seeing. Mom wants to just hang out and talk then go out for a nice dinner and Dad declares he’s fine with whatever the rest of us decide. 
“What about you, Madalyn, how are you feeling?” Mom directs the attention to me. 
“I thought maybe I could take a nap.” I say the words in an upbeat voice, but in reality I’m withering inside, despising the fact that I’m breaking up the family and all because I don’t have energy to make it through one little measly day without several prolonged periods of rest. 
“Sounds good to me,” Jason is quick to jump in. “Why doesn’t everyone who needs to take a rest and the rest of us can just hang out in here. Then, tonight after we’ve all freshened up and we’ve gotten some of our energy back we can head out for a nice supper?” 
I feel like a damsel rescued from my distress from the way that Jason makes it sound like resting is a normal thing to do and like I won’t be missing out on very much. 
I crawl into my bed and before I even have time to set my alarm, I’m asleep. 
When Katie wakes me up, I’m feeling refreshed and excited to see what the evening brings. 
“I’m done in the bathroom, so you can get ready for supper now.” Katie sits at the desk and opens her computer. I know without asking that she’s catching up on work. That girl lives, breaths and sleeps work. 
I rummage through my suitcase and find the perfect outfit then turn on the iron and wait for it to get hot. 
“Hey, I can iron your clothes.” Katie looks up from her computer. “You just go ahead and take your shower and do your hair. Call out when you’re ready for the clothes.” 
Surprised, I give Katie a questioning look. She’s already focusing on her computer again though, so I shake my head and smile in her direction. “Thank you, Katie.” 
I’m feeling so refreshed after my nap and shower that I begin hoping the rest of the family is feeling as chipper as me so we’ll be able to stay out and see some sights. I twist my dark brown hair into a French bun then stand sideways and admire it. My hair is one of those features people often compliment. It comes down about half-way between my shoulders and elbows and is just thick enough to have a bounce but is still easy to work with. It’s naturally wavy but not too curly. It’s just a little bit lighter than milk chocolate. 
“Derrick, do you ever get this amazed feeling when you think about how beautiful our sisters are?” Jason asks when Katie and I join them back in the suite. 
Katie and I look at each other and giggle a little bit. I can’t help it, Jason is so sweet and is making me feel incredibly special. 
“Do you talk to everyone this way?” Darrick asks, giving Jason a side-ways glance. 
“Of course not, you’re my only brother.” Jason is struggling with his tie in the mirror and Katie goes over and gives him a hand. 
“Thank you, Kates.” Jason is so happy and handsome and kind that I can’t help but feel like a proud sister as we walk out to the vehicle together. 
“So young man, are you dating anyone?” Katie asks as we climb into the car. 
I resist rolling my eyes. I know Katie isn’t asking for real. She’s asking because it’s an inside joke between the two of them. They both have people asking them that constantly. 
“Actually, I’m staying pretty busy with my schooling and work right now.” Jason and Darrick answer in unison. 

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