Survey Results

At the end of February I did a survey to see how I could make Noveltea a more people-friendly blog. I’m here today to share some of the results to the survey and my resulting thoughts.

First off: Thank you so much to everyone who filled it out. Y’all are amazing. It is so incredibly nice to have feedback so I can tweak things around and help Noveltea move to the next level. I’ll try to be good and not overuse my privileges as a blogger, but goodness! Surveys and pie charts are so much fun. I wish I could just continue making surveys and then categorize the answers in pie charts. I’m still trying to figure out what excuse I could possibly have for making pie charts each day…

The survey results were a wee bit surprising to me. Last year I did a much-less advanced survey and a lot of Noveltea’s readers said they would enjoy seeing more post about writing and less posts about my life. Therefore I endeavored to post accordingly. Take a look at the answer to the same question this year:

What ratio of posts should be about writing?
Over half of the people to answer this question said only 2 out of 5 posts should be about writing. That’s a bit of a vague answer though, so here’s a qualifying question: 
SO much helpfulness in that one pie chart^. 
I also asked what people would like to see less of on Noveltea. There were a few answers including: Book reviews, character interviews and short stories. The one that stuck out to me, though, was one reader who said less posts about Aidyl’s life. The blogger went on to explain very nicely that my blog looked/felt/sounded like a writing blog and so I should probably post more about writing on it. The blogger made total sense and I agreed with what she said. (Thank you, whoever you are! That answer helped me as you’ll see below.) Then I added up all the answers of what people did want to see on Noveltea and posts about Aidyl’s life were way in the lead. 
Now I had a dilemma. Thankfully I discovered the solution in the answers to my last question of the survey: What would make Noveltea better? The common answers included more pictures and… A new blog design. 
So that was the answer. What I needed to do was redesign Noveltea so when people pop on for the first time they can tell right away that the blog is about the life of one author, not the life of all authors.
It took me a long time and several tries to come up with the right design, but in the end I’m extremely satisfied with Noveltea’s new feel. I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts. If you have changes, thoughts or ideas you’d like to share with me, please, do share! 
I also spent a good amount of time changing my About Me page and updating it, adding pictures and making it more me-ish. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. (Even though collages don’t quite make it up to pie-chart-happiness in my book, I am pretty fond of them which will be evident if you look at the page…) 
And one more pie chart before I sign off. These are the answers to What age group are you in? I was surprised (and happy!) by the answer to this one, too. 
What about you? If you didn’t have a chance to fill out the survey (or even if you did and you’ve changed your mind) what do you want to see more of? Less of? Or anything else you want to suggest/talk about/etc… for Noveltea. I would seriously be delighted to hear from you. 
Also, don’t forget to enter this giveaway! 

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