Making the Team – Book Review

Making the Team

By Stephanie Perry Moore & Derrick Moore

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First Person
One Point of View
161 Pages

Alec London Series Book 1

About the book: 
(From the back cover)

The only person who cares about me is Mom. Now that she’s gone I’m stuck at home with my angry dad and my annoying brother. Antoine thinks he’s all that and won’t get off my case. And now that Dad is the assistant principal at school, everything is a mess!

That kid Tyrod is out to get me in trouble. Antoine is all mad because the football coach likes my moves better than his. And Grandma has completely taken over our house. At least Morgan and my boy Trey are in my class. But things are getting weird with Morgan and I’m not sure why.

Even with all the trouble, I’m starting to see that Dad really does have my back. He’s trying to do things God’s way. Like teaching me what it means to be a team player – at home, at school, and on the football field. He might even get Mom to come home. Like I told my friend Morgan, I think it’s all going to work out because we are on God’s team.

Why I Choose This Book: 

At the end of last year I reviewed the 4th book in the Alec London Series. 
I hadn’t realized at the time that it wasn’t the first book in the series, so after I realized it I requested this book so I could start at the beginning. 

What I Thought:

I really enjoyed the forth book in the series and even gave it four stars, which is unusual for me, so I started this book with high expectations. I didn’t enjoy this book very much because of all the bad attitudes, disrespect and family issues that overshadowed everything else. I realize though that it’s a starting point and obviously things are getting better as the series progresses. 


Even though I didn’t appreciate this book there’s a good chance I’ll be reading more in the series because I really liked the Alec I saw in the 4th book. 


I’m giving Making the Team two stars.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

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