Salt and Light Conference – Some of my Notes

Day two of the Salt and Light conference left me with about twelve pages filled with amazing notes. I wanted to be able to share this extraordinary experience with y’all, so I thought I’d post some of the thought provoking quotes I wrote down. It’s a mis-mash of ideas from various speakers; I hope you enjoy!

* God wants us to succeed in every aspect of our life. Work hard and diligently then turn it over to God and let Him multiply it
* If you don’t value people, you will use people
* God strips us of the things we would use in our own strength so we have to rely on Him
* The greatest battles are the ones within us
* Sometimes we say we value people when really we just use them to validate ourselves
* Success means nothing until it’s attached to a God-sized significance 

* I must value every person the same as Christ values them
* I must be intentional in reaching out to people
* I must give up my rights for the higher order of unity
* I must learn to seek to understand rather than be understood
* I must learn to love people in spite of how they treat me

* Mass movements don’t start with the masses, they start with a small group moving in the right direction
* It doesn’t take much light to dispel darkness
* Be careful, not fearful
* Don’t have a good day, make it a good day!
* I need to think and live with intentionality

I’m so excited about everything I’ve been learning and the people I’ve been able to talk to. What about you? Which of these quotes seem to jump out at you the most? I’d be delighted to hear. 🙂

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