Rewarding Moments

As an author I write with the intent of people reading my books. I know there are some people out there who write just to write. They write because they love it so much that they can’t imagine doing anything else. There are times when I feel like that, over all though, I write to be read.

This week I’m not focusing on writing because I’m at a business conference in Florida. I love my non-writing job and this is a week-long conference we look forward to all year long. Most of the time I do behind the scenes work and that’s the way I like it. This week though, I’m spending a lot of time interacting with the people who work for our company.

I have been blown away and so very delighted, blessed and rewarded by how many people have come up to tell me that they bought my latest book, Action Kids’ Club, to give to either their children or their grandchildren. Several people even bought multiple copies to give out to friends. I’ve also been introduced to guests as “Oh yes, she’s the author” several times, which pretty much makes my day.

So often we can spend weeks, months, years or even a lifetime working on something with little or no recognition. This week helped remind me that what we do really does matter. We are making a difference. Whether for good or bad, everything we do effects the future. I want to make sure I live my life in such a way that it impacts eternity for the better.
What about you? What are some ways you are living your life with the future in your sights? I would be delighted to learn from you.  

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