When Life Hands You Lymes – # 55

Happy Friday! I hope y’all enjoy the 55 segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes

“Madalyn?” Abbie’s sweet voice made me wake up with a smile. 
“I’d wanted to let you keep sleeping, but your mom said you’d want to wake up.” Abbie perched on the side of my bed. 
I tossed my pillow up in the air, then caught it. “She was right.” I swung the pillow at Abbie. “I’ve gotten enough sleep for today. I’m feeling all vigorous and seventeenish and all that good stuff.” 
Abbie ducked the pillow, then tapped my head with another one. “I thought maybe you’d let me give you your gift now, before everyone else gets here.” 
“Oh my.” I felt a grin sliding over my face. “I’m going to guess it’s something you made?” 
My artistic friend hops to her feet. “Of course. Now close your eyes and put out your hands.” 
I do as she tells me and then I sit there waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I can hear her moving around the room, but I can’t tell what she’s doing. 
“Don’t you dare peek,” Abbie’s voice warns me just as I’m about ready to open one eyelid a teeny-tiny amount. 
“Abigail!” I turn on the whine in my voice. “You can’t do this to me. You’re making me way too curious.” 
“Ha, you like being curious.” 
She does have a valid point, so instead of trying to argue I break out with a fake whimper. “It’s just not fair.” I wail the last word. 
“If you’re trying to engage my sympathy you’re succeeding.” 
I can tell I’m making Abbie feel bad even though she knows I’m not being serious. Abbie’s so thoughtful and sensitive that she’s easy to get to.” I consider continuing my charade, but then decide against it since she is working on a surprise for me.  
“Alright, you can open your eyes now.” 
“Um, but my hands are still empty.” I hold them up, eyes still closed, wondering if Abbie could have really been bothered enough to forget to give me my present. 
“Having you hold your hands out was just so you’d be distracted.” 
My eyes pop open and I look around the room for a moment, feeling disoriented as I try and figure out what’s different. Abbie’s standing back, eyes trained on me, a hopeful smile on her face. 
Then I notice it. “The curtains!” Jumping out of bed I throw my arms around Abbie and squeeze tight. 
“I take that to mean you approve?” 
Nodding, I rush over and run my hands over the smooth fabric. Abbie, the talented seamstress she is, had made music themed curtains for my three floor to ceiling windows. The background was the color of burlap and there were black pianos and music notes scattered all over. 
“As soon as I saw the fabric I thought of you. Katie got me the measurements and now you have the final product.” 
“That was so incredibly thoughtful of you.” Giving Abbie another hug I step back to surrey the who room. “They fit my room and my personality perfectly.” I grab her hands and dance around the room with her. “You’re a good friend. Thank you.” 

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