Traveling – Being Me

I want to travel the world. From Alaska to India, from Poland to Montana, from China to Antarctica, it all sounds so intriguing. In fact, I can’t think of a country or state that I don’t want to visit one day. 
Until recently I thought this was normal. I thought everyone had a thumping in their heart to see the world like I do. To experience new sights, sounds, scents and flavors. To touch another part of the world, to feel another culture seep into their being, to strive to understand the way other people groups communicate. 
Traveling pushes me out of my comfort zone (time and time and time again), yet it’s a good thing. Uncomfortable? Yes, it can be. But it’s worth it. 
The thought of eating cat or being stuck on a 15 hour-long bus ride with no bathrooms at the “rest stops”, or shopping at a market place where chicken heads and cow intestines sitting out in the heat of the day smell everything up might not always be viewed as fun, but that doesn’t mean I would refuse to experience a piece of another person’s life. 

Traveling has been a big part of my life during the last few years (since I was 18 I’ve been blessed to travel between two and a half and almost five months a year), but traveling doesn’t define who I am. When I’m home I’m content, loving my life and finding enjoyment in the every day, “normal” blessings I get to experience.

Would I be sad if I never got to travel again? Probably, but I truly don’t think it would change the level of enjoyment I find in life.

You know what? Just like I find beauty in an old castle in Europe and a tumbling waterfall in Asia, I also find breath-taking beauty on the little country road I live on. Just like I enjoy eating potatoes and cheese in South America, I also enjoy trying out new concoctions in my kitchen here at home. Just like I enjoy listening to Mexican music in Latin America, I also enjoy sitting in my red and tan office, working on writing while listening to music made by my friends.

Traveling doesn’t make my life exciting. Traveling adds to the excitement, but my life is exciting because it’s my life.

And on that note… I’d better go so I can finish packing for Africa. 🙂

(Post written Monday, January 5th.)

One thought on “Traveling – Being Me

  1. Keturah Lamb says:

    “Traveling doesn't make my life exciting. Traveling adds to the excitement, but my life is exciting because it's my life.”

    Yes!!!! It adds to life! But nothing makes your life YOU! So true.


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