Writing Projects: None

It was almost midnight last night when I got my book, Where Dandelions Grow, sent off to my editor for his final round of editing. It was a really good feeling to finally hit the send button. Now I have another project I can check off my list.

Other than working on setting up a few book signings, scheduling some more blog posts for when I’m in Africa, and of course writing my 100 words each day, I’m putting aside my writing work until we get back from Africa. 

I’m not planning on taking my computer on the two week trip, which is crazy for me. The last time I went that long without having my own computer with me was when I went to South America for two months when I was eighteen and my computer broke. I itched so badly to type a story that I sometimes pulled my broken computer out of the drawer and typed away on the dead keys. 

My brain functions through my fingers. Thoughts that I can’t quite find a script for in the swirling storm of words inside my head make perfect sense when they flow through my fingers, ending up as little black marks on a computer screen. My second best avenue for releasing feelings and reflections is through writing by hand, so hopefully I’ll return home with a beautifully filled up journal. When I was in South America with the broken computer, I filled up two journals.

I keep wanting to work on scheduling and planning my next writing project, but I’m refusing to let myself for two reasons: 1) I really do not have the time to work on it before Africa and 2) If I start something now, it will be hard for me to set it aside when I’m gone and I want to be fully engaged with serving and experiencing as much as I can while gone. 

Besides, I can’t wait to see what story ideas drop into my brain and lodge themselves deep within my mind while partaking in whatever adventures Ghana holds for me. I’m hoping if my head is mysteriously empty of any brewing story idea Ha! That will never happen…, new ideas will be more plentiful. 

* * *
What about you? Do you ever make yourself take breaks from something you really like and need to do so you can focus on other things? 

2 thoughts on “Writing Projects: None

  1. Grace says:

    Great post! I think it's admirable that you're putting your writing on hold as you go and serve God's people. Sometimes we writers definitely need to be reminded of what's most important! 🙂 Congratulations on completing another project.


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