*Where Dandelions Grow* – Where the Story Came From Part 1

Sometimes inspiration comes for a book in an instant and won’t stop dancing around in my head until I get it out in writing. That’s the way it was with Where Dandelions Grow
It was one of the last days of May in 2012 and I was sitting out under a canopy at my cousin Alexa’s high school graduation party watching another cousin, Aubrey, play her cello with her quartet, the Sorelle. As I listened to the viola, two violins and cello blend together perfectly, a story jumped into my brain and refused to leave. Complete with the names for the characters, which is totally unusual for me
Over the next few days I walked around saying the names over and over as the rest of the story fell into place. Kamryn, Lexie, Teal and Destiny. Kamryn, Lexie, Teal and Destiny.

Four cousins. Four fighting mothers. A dream childhood cut short by a family feud. Questions. Searching. Answers. Reconciliation. Taking the high road. Searching for peace. Dandelions.  
My story was so uniquely different from anything else I’d ever written that I mildly freaked out. It was my first try at writing young adult fiction and my first time to tackle a story so removed from the happy, loved-filled acceptance I basked in from my family. 
I was concerned my parents wouldn’t understand. They might think I viewed my childhood the way Destiny did which is about as far from the truth as you can get. Or maybe I’d get it totally wrong and people would look down their noses at me for being so unrealistic. Or maybe..?
Silencing the the negativity with a stern lecture, I set to work, giving myself several guidelines to ensure my book continued and I wouldn’t get lax on the project. 
1. I was not allowed to go back through and re-read the book or do any editing until I was finished writing it
2. I would write the story I had, not caring about what other people thought 
3. No one else would see my project until I was finished with the first draft
4. I wouldn’t begin another book until this one was done
5. I would aim for 50,000 words Which would make it the longest story I’d written 
Part 2 Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

One thought on “*Where Dandelions Grow* – Where the Story Came From Part 1

  1. Natasha Hill says:

    I love reading about where the ideas for different characters or story-lines come from, so this was really interesting to read! And I'm sorry it's been so long since I last visited your blog! – Tasha xxx


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