Current Project: Editing

Today I’m going to be working on editing, or at least that’s the plan. Editing doesn’t come nearly as easy to me as writing does ask my editor, he puts up with a lot from me but I am getting better and that makes it more fun. 
Where Dandelions Grow is a book I wrote around May of 2012 and I have learned a lot in the past two and a half years so therefore I have a good amount of work that needs to take place in this manuscript. My editor has already gone through it once a while ago, actually; we had to set it aside to work on another project and now I’m working on incorporating the changes that he suggested and adding in some of the elements that I’ve learned. 
As I’ve mentioned before I have trouble with giving my characters unique characteristics that set them apart, so I’ve been working on that in this book. The characters in WDG are much more distinct to me than the other books I’ve written because the four main characters are based loosely off of me, my sister and two of our cousins. That also makes this book a lot more fun to work on. It’s crazy remembering different instances that I based certain scenes on and then thinking of how much times have changed. 
I was taking a walk this morning, thinking about my characters of course, of course, what else would I think about while walking? and I realized that one of the girls, Destiny, is an introvert and another girl, Lexie, is an extravert. I’m was barely even familiar with those words when I wrote Where Dandelions Grow. I decided to explore the idea a little bit more while working on these edits to make each character a little bit more special. I’m excited about this ‘revelation.’ 🙂 
I’m also working on adding things like smells, tastes, textures, sights and sounds. I don’t generally see the same things most other people see, so I have to work a little extra on adding ‘normal’ details. (For instance: I walk into a room and I might zero in on the fact that there’s a cute little stuffed animal sitting on the mantle but I’ll totally zone out on the color of the room, if there’s a fire in the fireplace, the type of furniture they have or what it smells like.) 

Then of course I have the normal things like clearing up a few confusing parts, expounding on some elements, adding more details to make certain scenes easier to follow and cutting out unneeded scenes and words.

It’s been a long process so far, but good, too. I’m excited about this book and looking forward to moving it to the next level.

* * *
What about you? What are you working on today? 

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