Inspiration. It’s a delightful word; it even feels beautiful on my tongue. It’s filled with wonder, with endless possibilities, with a thousand stories yet to be written. 

As a writer, my job pivots on inspiration which is why I post about it on here so often…. Without at least a glimpse of the important element, my writing would be very stagnant indeed. When inspiration is flowing through my veins, it’s as if a current of possibilities flows along with it into an ocean of excitement. 
Inspiration is very important to me, but sometimes it’s lacking. 
I discovered early on that I can’t sit around and wait for inspiration to come find me. I have to go searching for it like an ornery puppy dog who’s escaped. Even after I’ve found it, it sometimes slips away when I’m in the middle of a project and I’ve found that I’m so much more productive when I’m working with inspiration by my side that sometimes not all the time it’s worth it to stop what I’m doing and embark on the quest to bring it home. 
How I get inspired: 
*I take a walk (or swing) while listening to music and doing a lot of talking yes, talking out loud
*I make a list of things I’m thankful for and take a few minutes to dwell on all the blessings I have
*I make a list mental or physical of amazing things I’ve been able to do or places I’ve gone 
*I read old blog posts of mine sounds crazy, but it works
*I look outside and take time to really notice the beauty 
*I pet my dog, rabbit, rat, or the goats
*I imagine what life could be like in the future 
*I listen to music this is a REALLY big one!
*I read other blog articles or sometimes go on Facebook or Google+ or my on-line writing group When I do that, I have to make sure I keep track of time and only use a few minutes; you know, being for real and not using it for procrastination 
*I read part of a book I really enjoy
*I take a break and do something like laundry or cooking 
*I close my eyes and just imagine 
*I clean my office a dirty office stunts inspiration 
*I read through encouraging notes, comments and letters people have sent me 
*I do something unique like eating a fragment that fell off of a fossilized T-rex tooth 
*I read quotes by other authors
*I set short-term goals for myself write 500 words in 15 minutes about going duck hunting
*I make silly faces 

What about you? How do you find inspiration? I’d be delighted to hear! 🙂 

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