My Week

Y’all don’t even know how much my blogging break last week surprised me
It was not what I was expecting at all
But it was just what I needed
I spent the week with a houseful of delightful friends… 
Filling my heart up with warm memories as I drifted through my days 
Holding little hands 
Hugging happy girls
Listening to sweet voices
Reading to eager children
Working alongside diligent helpers
Learning new things
Finding fresh beauty
and being loved for who I am

Recently stuff has been a bit stressful and unplanned as far as writing goes 
Stepping back from writing and seeing the bigger picture
Seeing myself outside of being a writer
Seeing myself in a new way and readjusting my mindset
Worked wonders
So often I confuse being me with being a writer 
My loving, accepting, caring, touching friends  
Helped me to remember that 
I am a human 
Who writes
I’m not a writer
Who’s human 
This week wasn’t what I had planned
But it was just what I needed

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