The Cape

I dreamed last night that I owed Amazon $70,000 for books that I’ve bought in the last 14 years. It was a traumatic experience as I tried to figure out how many years of complete income it would take me to pay it back. Ahem. I guess maybe I should cut back on how many books I buy. I was quite happy to wake up and realize that I won’t actually be in debt for the next twenty or so years.

Today my sister, Helena, and one of our friends gave me this beautiful purple cape to celebrate the release of Action Kids’ Club! It’s so wonderful and happyish to know that my family believes in me and stands behind me and thinks I’m amazing. 🙂 

In the short few hours since this delightful gift was bestowed up on me, I’ve discovered I can also wear it on top of my skirt which leaves me with all kinds of sparkles. You can’t tell from the picture, but my shirt sparkles, and the cape sparkles, and I’m wearing sparkly socks. It’s just a sparkly kind of day. I’ve been wearing sparkly socks since the day my book was released and I plan on doing it until the blog tour is over. It makes life happier. 

By the way, I’m posting over at Apassionata today which is my illustrator’s blog! Check it out and find out more about her through the interview we did. 
Check out this post for your chance to win a $50 gift card and this post to see the prize for the quote puzzle and comments game. You can get more entry points each day. 🙂 

And, last but not least of all, find Action Kids’ Club here (e-version) and here (paperback)! 

8 thoughts on “The Cape

  1. David Mabe says:

    Very nice cape. I'm a big fan of the fantasy genre(as long as it doesn't get too far out there), so the cape it totally awesome. Glad to hear that you are having a nice sparkly day. I hope it continues. Have a great day, Lydia.


  2. Cait says:

    Some days ARE just for sparkles. Although, I admit…I don't think I own a single sparkle. But I have been known to engage in glittery activities with my nephew/niece. Once I got glitter all over myself and I'm like to my 4yrs nephew, “I'm a fairy!” And he just looked at me completely deadpanned and said, “Don't be silly Cait. Go wash it off.”
    Okay…okay then DREAM BREAKER.
    lol 😉
    Seriousness runs in my family I suppose. BUT SPARKLES ARE HUZZAH NEVERTHELESS!


  3. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Oh Cait! Your nephew cracks me up! Some day he'll have to have a blog, too, so we can get more of his wit, or lack thereof. 🙂 And no sparkles? How? How? How can you live without sparkles. Ok, never mind. I didn't really engage in sparkly clothing until recently when I decided it would be a wonderful way to celebrate. 🙂


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