Two Days Old!

Hey Everyone! Check out Willa Nicole Scribblings for the blog tour stop for today! And, leave a comment for your chance to win this prize! 
I am so excited to now have Action Kids’ Club up on Goodreads! Y’all can check it out and mark it “Want To Read” if you feel so inclined Which, by the way, would be a big help to me!. I’m having a  fun just looking at it up on the site, being happy that it’s out there. 🙂
Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, Action Kids’ Club is only $0.99 on Kindle! (And, if you buy it you can get a lot of entries for this giveaway of a $50 gift card!)
And, because it looks so wonderful to see it up and ready to sell, I thought I’d also share a screenshot of the book on Lulu, which is where you can buy the paperback version

So, other than celebrating my book release what have I been up to? It’s a busy week at work which means lots and lots of time spent in the kitchen. My wonderful-amazing-cousin-friend-almost-sister, Aubrey, is my co-worker and she’s so much fun to work with. I’ve been greatly inspired to write a book where the main character is a cook and most of the book takes place in the kitchen. Only, I have so many other projects I’m in the middle of… If Aubrey was a character, she’d be the one that every reader wished they knew in real life. I’m pretty privileged.

Today is one of those wonderful, wet, cold days that’s perfect for curling up with a good book (reading or writing, either would be fine with me..,), a cup of hot coffee and this song playing over and over again. Ahem, not that I will be curling up with a book, I’ll be in the kitchen, but it’s the perfect day for that nonetheless. 

Now, why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to recently for your chance to win this prize! And don’t forget to spread the word about Action Kids’ Club entering the big, wide world. Thanks! 

3 thoughts on “Two Days Old!

  1. David Mabe says:

    I wanted to actually hold a Lyda Howe book, so I bought the paperback…:-) Looking forward to getting it. It sounds like you've been rather busy. I hope you are enjoying your week. Have a great Wednesday.


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