Action Kids Blog Tour Schedule

It’s HERE!!!

Everyone, welcome to November 10th, 2014. The official release date of my book, 

Action Kids’ Club 

This is quite the thrilling day. 

After working on it for four years, having a countdown for two weeks and passing out Action Kids business cards to random people at Wal-Mart and church, the day has finally arrived to start getting this book out into y’alls hands, and to celebrate, we’re going to kick off with a blog tour! I’m first up, so check back soon for the first post in the tour. 
(If you’d like to do an author interview/guest post on your blog, just let me know!)

Hold on tight, y’all, and get ready for some amazing giveaways (lots and lots of them!), never-before-told stories, fun surprises and a very exciting next two weeks! 
Action Kids Blog Tour Schedule 

1. November 10th – Me at Noveltea 

2. November 11th – Sunny at Splash-of-Ink 

3. November 12th – Willa at Willa Nicole Scribblings 

4. November 13th – Leah at Apassionata

5. November 14th- Rosie at Writings of Rosie 

6. November 15th – Sam at Sam’s Blog 

November 16th – Break for Sunday 

7. November 17th – Sylvia at Writing in Wonderland 

8. November 18th – Michelle at Bookworm Blather 

9. November 19th – Emily at Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews 

10. November 20th – Nayu at Nayu’s Reading Corner 

11. November 21st – Tarissa at In the Bookcase 

12. November 22nd – Me at Noveltea 

5 thoughts on “Action Kids Blog Tour Schedule

  1. Sarah & Bernie says:

    Hey! Could I interview you? I have 38 followers, some of them I know which follow your blog. I know how to interview people, but I've never interviewed an author before. I've a total bookworm so it would be super cool. If you don't have time, that's fine. I just thought it wouldn't hurt it ask:) Congrats on your book release! I will definitely check it out:)
    In Christ,


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