When Life Hands You Lymes #45

Alright, folks. Let’s just say that with the delight of it being only three more days until my book gets released and the happiness of getting a proof copy in the mail, I totally, and I do mean totally, forgot about posting a segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes on here today. Until a few minutes ago. 
Since I’d already posted all that I’ve written of the story (this whole week I’ve been using my 100 words a night that I write for character development, not the actual story) I sat down and wrote this post for y’all. I hope y’all enjoy the 45th segment of When Life Hands You Lymes:
That night I just wanted to cry myself to sleep. I wasn’t even sure why. Dad’s little pep talk had done me worlds of good, but then once the house was dark and I was lying in my bed, the world felt like it was crashing down on me again. There was a serious thunderstorm pounding on the window and I had a weird feeling that watching the rain, lightening and listening to the thunder was like a peek inside my head. 
 Jason was hanging out with friends, Julia was at a sleepover and Abbie always went to bed early so I was stuck with no one to talk to and nothing to do. Especially since crying myself to sleep wasn’t an option. Sure, I could cry… But to sleep? Ha. Since when did sleep come at natural hours?  
 I began to feel like a freak of some sort. My waking night hours were beginning to take over my waking day time hours and as a morning bird, that was just plain not cool. After watching the rain for what seemed like an eternity, I climbed out of my now thoroughly-thrashed bed and slipping on a robe headed out to my balcony. I’m not really into sitting outside by myself at night, but tonight I was at a loss of what to do and I thought maybe a change of scenery would do me some good.  
 “Ok God.” I watched the lightening in the distance and folded my arms across my chest. “This is not cool at all.” I sighed at the irony. “Alright, so yes, the storm has cooled everything off. What I meant is that it’s-” I glanced at my iPhone, “it’s almost two in the morning, my family has been in bed for a couple of hours and little ol’ me is still awake. Wide awake. And this has become my reality. No one around. No one to hang out with. No one to talk to. I like people. Or I did like people. I don’t like this hermit stunt I’ve been pulling recently, nor my late night parties I’ve been having with myself. Isn’t there anyway I can go back to being normal? All I’m asking is for me to wake up and have this whole summer to have been a dream.” 
 I rubbed my face vigorously with both hands. “By the way, that last doctor we went to was just plain creepy.” It was the forth doctor we’d tried during the summer and the worst by far. “I read a Hardy Boys book once where there was a doctor just like that one we visited.” I gave a shudder, then shook my shoulders as if that would get rid of the memory. “God, could you please help Mom not want to go back to him? I think I might just have a little lapses of judgment regarding how to act as a sixteen-year-old if I’m stuck in his office again.” 
 It wasn’t like the doctor had been intentionally freaky, I was just fairly convinced he was a criminal in hiding. His eyes were huge, magnified by large, thick glasses and his fingers were the longest, skinniest fingers I’d ever seen on a human. When he felt my thyroid glands on my neck, I’m pretty sure I about lost it. I literally had to squeeze my hands together to keep from slapping his fingers away from me. He spoke in a whispery voice that was probably meant to calm me down but only succeeded in making me feel like I was about to be used as a guinea pig. I even tried to study his framed doctor’s certificate when he left the room to determine if they were real or not, but Mom made me sit back down. 
 “God, it would be really nice if I didn’t have to keep going to doctors. I used to like them, but now…” I let my voice trail off, happy with the thought that God knew how I felt about doctor’s without me having to describe the feeling to Him. 
 An extra bright flash of lightening lit up the world around me, making me gasp with the beauty. The sky was filled with dark, layered clouds of various hues and the trees were bending in the wind. The field below me was rippling with uncut hay and the rain was coming down in sheets, blowing past at a fast rate. 
 “Wow.” My complaining got stuck in my throat as I took in the sight. “God, You’re so powerful.” I thought about how God could calm the storm with a command. How He created the world in the first place. “And here I am complaining to You.” I grimaced. “Ok, thank You for all the good things that You’ve given to me. Thank You for my family that cares about me. That there are doctors that can help make me better. That, that, that I still have music.” The words came out slowly, then I stopped and threw up my hands. “I feel like that’s slipping away from me, too, though. I can’t tell for sure, but I’m pretty convinced that I’m not playing as well as I was at the beginning of the summer.” I grabbed huge handfuls of hair and gently pulled it, trying to release some of the pressure that was building up in my head, providing me with a horrible headache. “So much has been taken away from me, can I at least keep my music?” 
 After a few more minutes, I went back inside and slowly took my robe off. Then I hung it up in the closet, prepared myself a cup of sleepy time tea and sipped it until I began to relax. After making my bed again, I climbed into it and settled down with the pillows all around me. Turning on my playlist of soothing classical music I willed myself to go to sleep. The last time I looked at my iPhone it was almost 4:30. 

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