12 – Action Kids Book Release

12 Days!

After a lot of hard work, I can finally say that I’m feeling fairly confident that I’ll be able to get everything in line that needs to be ready for this book release to come off smoothly and I’ll even be able to enjoy it. Exciting right? 

I’ve been sending out galoamzoes of emails, writing author bios, formatting, exploring character developments, updating my stuff, getting surprises ready, ordering giveaways, getting set up on Goodreads (I just about did a happy dance while singing Jingle Bells for joy when I got the email saying I was accepted as a Goodreads author!), finalizing various things, talking on the phone, trying to get business cards… Wwoooosssssssshhhhhhhhhh. Yes, I’ve been busy. 

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12 Days…
Since today marks 12 days until the release of the first book in the Action Kids series, here are 12 things you’re likely to find in my computer bag:
1. My computer
2. My computer cord
3. A notebook
4. Pens
5. Notecards 
6. Envelopes with stamps
7. Sugar-free hard candy
8. Notes people have given me that are special to me
9. A little bit of money
10. A book or two
11. Wrappers 
12. A harddrive 
I carry my computer bag around a lot. Kinda like a briefcase and purse combined. So now it’s YOUR turn. If you feel so inclined, you can either write a post (and link it back to this one) where you talk about 12 things that you have in your backpack/briefcase/purse/computer bag and leave a link in the comments section. Or, just leave your list in the comment section. 

Everyone who participates during the next two weeks will be entered into a drawing for their chance to receive one of the very first signed copies of the Action Kids book!

3 thoughts on “12 – Action Kids Book Release

  1. Sarah Howe says:

    Well, I don't usually carry a bag unless I'm traveling. I will say 12 things about my traveling purse. 1. Bible
    2. Journal
    3. Poetry notebook
    4. Other random notebook
    5. Pens
    6. CD player
    7. CDs
    8. Comb
    9. Phone
    10. Phone charger
    11. Gum
    12. Water


  2. Tarissa says:

    Alright, here's what I usually carry with me…

    1. Notebook
    2. Pens
    3. Peppermints
    4. Blank scraps of a paper
    5. Mechanical pencils
    6. Money
    7. A book to read, if it will fit
    8. Hand sanitizer
    9. Computer, only on certain occasions
    10. With of course, the computer cord 🙂
    11. Booklist of books my family own (especially helpful to have at thrift stores!)
    12. Phone


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