Nieces and Nephews

Last week I had a wonderful and exhausting! time with my oldest sister and her family. It’s been a while since I’ve spent so much concentrated time with lots of little children (six children eleven and under) and I was left with the great-overwhelming-amazed-respectful-just-how-in-the-world-? feeling for my sister and my mom before her and everyone else who raises a family. 
The children had a delightful time playing with my rat, who I must say, did remarkably well and never even tried to bite anyone. There were several occasions where I had to take away ‘rat holding privileges’ and just let them pet her because they were prone grabbing a bit too much for my little rat’s safety. 
They have two new-ish litters of puppies that were so cute. Often times in the afternoon we would bring a couple of the puppies into the house and sit around petting them and holding them. Sadly they wouldn’t hold still enough for good pictures, but I tried… 
All of the children have amazing story telling skills. I was blown away (as always) while listening to them. One day I told my sister and oldest niece a story that probably took about thirty seconds. I listened in total astonishment that evening as my niece turned it into a five minute story, complete with describing facial expressions. 
My five-year-old nephew adds descriptions such as “it was a little blue plastic trash can” and “with a bended piece of wire” to his stories. Even my niece who isn’t quite two and doesn’t talk much uses a dramatic tone of voice when we ask her a question and she shakes her head saying “I don’t knoooowww.” 

Every evening I got to go out with my second oldest niece, delightfully nick-named “Lydia Jr.” to milk their goat. I had a splendid time listening to her gushing stories, advanced vocabulary and descriptive sentences. (She’s nine and regularly uses words like anguish, dismay, terrified, delighted, amused, and bliss.) 
When Lydia Jr. was younger her family lived in South America. I went to visit them when she was almost three (after not seeing her since she was a newborn) and one of the first things my sister (her mom) said was “Lydia, she is so much like you!” since then we have been amazed at all the similarities. 

Take for instance my habit of naming everything. I haven’t done that in front of my nieces and nephews, yet when I was there some stink bugs rode into the house on the clothes I took off the clothesline so I asked Lydia Jr. to take them outside and she picked them up and said “This one is Stinky, and this one is Stinker and this one is Stink-et…”

What about you? Do you have nieces and nephews? Are any of them like you? 

4 thoughts on “Nieces and Nephews

  1. Chris Purdom says:

    Blessfully none of my neices and nephew are like me.
    Although the 2 lil boys that have recently started calling me uncle are a bit like me. No blood relations so it's not my fault! lol 😉


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