Enjoying the Moment

Story ideas. They sparkle and glitter and beacon to me. 
It’s like candy. Or a new book. Or dried fruit which is amazing. Or a beautiful autumn day. Meaning story ideas make me happy and excited and I just want to sit down and enjoy them. 
There’s a problem though. I have enough writing projects going on to keep me busy from now until May of 2017. Well, maybe not if I can squeeze some of them together, but really, that’s not much of an exaggeration. 
Before I became a “professional” writer meaning published I could pretty much flitter from idea to idea and it didn’t make a huge difference. Now when I feel like flittering, I’m reminded that I have people out there who are waiting for the next book in a series. Or publishers who need me to get a move on it. Or even my own ideals that I have to stick to. 
And I begin wishing I had enjoyed the moments more when I wasn’t published because I was so focused on reaching the next level that I didn’t savor the time I had as a unpublished author enough. 
Then I have to smile because I am doing the same thing now, and yet I can stop because I’ve learned my lesson. I’m so set on climbing higher, of making a huge difference, that I can get caught up in the shuffle and focus on the problems instead of the joys. At times I forget to be happy with where I am, and instead I’m happy with imagining where my writing will be in the future. Which is fine, but I don’t want to miss out on the moment I’m living in. 
As weird as it sounds, I forget way too often that I’ve actually published a book. Unlike the first several weeks where I slept with the book under my pillow or next to me, my book is regulated to the shelf or my purse and I forget it exists. It doesn’t mean enough to me any more because I’ve been there, done that. I realize now that the way I feel about my already-published-book (like it’s great but it won’t ever be enough) is how I’ll feel about writing for the rest of my life, no matter what level I achieve, unless I change my mind set.  
So I’m going to work at being happy and excited about where I am with my writing. Do I want to move forward? YES! But, do I need to move forward at a neck-breaking pace just to keep this girl happy? No, because my happiness isn’t contingent on my success as an author. Because happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy at where I am. And I’m enjoying the moments fully.
Do you see these ^ two adorable girls? I’m spending the week with them and their older four siblings who just happen to be my wonderful nieces and nephews. There’s not much internet available at their house, but don’t worry, I have posts scheduled for the rest of the week. Well, this post is scheduled, too. I hope you enjoy these posts and I’m guessing you won’t hardly even notice I’m missing.  

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