When Life Hands You Lymes #41

Good morning everyone and welcome to the 41st segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. I’ve decided Madalyn’s life has been stressful enough recently that she should have a break and get a good day thrown in there. Enjoy and as always, I’d be delighted to get feedback. 🙂   

“Wake up, wake up, the sun is out, from one to ten it’s fun to count!” 
Katie’s blank stare told me very clearly that she wasn’t expecting such an exuberant display from me. Who could blame her? I’d only been moping around my room for the last week or so, but I had gotten a wonderful night of sleep (first one all week) and I was excited about life, tired of being alone, and ready for some fun sister time. 
“What time is it?” Katie let out a groan. 
“Oh,” I checked my phone. “Seven a.m..” 
“You mean it’s not seven p.m.?” Katie spoke in a monotone. “I would have never guessed.” 
“Your wit, fair one, is music to my ears.” Dancing over to the windows, I pulled the long pale yellow curtains back and sunlight came streaming in the room. 
“Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” Katie sat up and combed her hair back with her fingers. 
“I’m the new and improved Madalyn Marie Emerson.” I sat on her bed and leaned forward a bit, a mischievous look on my face. “And as to what I did with your sister, do you really want to know?” Not waiting for her to answer, I lowered my voice even more. “I actually let her sleep.” 
“Shocking.” Katie patted my hand. “Were you quoting that book Mom read to us when we were kids?” 
I nodded with vigor. “Wake up, wake up the sun is out, fro-” 
Katie’s hand clapped over my mouth stopped the silly poem. “I remember it well enough on my own, thank you very much.” 
“Oh, that’s ok.” I shrugged. “I just figured you’re getting so old you might have forgotten about it.” My reference to Katie’s age brings me another blank stare. Ok, so she’s not ready for a chipper sister so early in the morning. “How soon can you be ready for an adventure?” 
“I-” Katie opens her mouth, but this time I cover it, just returning the favor. 
“I don’t want to hear any excuses.” I’ve waited for years to use that line. She used to tell me grown up phrases such as that all the time and I hated it. “Today is Saturday, you don’t have work and you do have a younger sister just dying to hang out with you. Obviously the conclusion of those two statements is that you’re going to be hanging out with little ‘ol me for the next twelve hours and enjoying every minute of it.” 
“If my birthday weren’t four months away I would guess there’s some kind of surprise party in the works.” Katie’s voice comes out a mumble as she climbs out of bed. 
“No, but if you want us to plan a surprise party I wouldn’t be opposed to spending the next twelve hours doing just that.” I give her a hopeful grin. “I love parties.”
“Honey, if I helped plan my own surprise party it wouldn’t be a surprise any more, now would it?” 
I make a show of considering her question for a moment before clapping my hands together, “Then we could just plan a surprise party for me! You know how forgetful I’ve been recently.” 
Now Katie truly is at a loss for words. She opens her mouth and then closes it twice before reaching over and patting my hand. “Honey, did you just joke about your sickness?” 
“Wonder of all wonders, I think she did.” I put a shocked expression on my face. “How do we respond to this?” 
“And now you’re talking about yourself in third person.” Katie puts her hands on her hips. “Am I still sleeping?” 
Reaching over I give her a hard pinch. 
“I could feel that. Thanks.” Katie gives me another glare. I’m in such a good mood though, I just laugh. 
“I’m going to go take a shower now, or wait, is that allowed during ‘our twelve hours together’?” She puts quotes around the words and repeats them in a mocking voice.
“Of course it’s allowed.” I wave my hand at her. “I’ll just sit outside the door and sing you a song.” 
“Not if I bind and gag you first.” 

“Did you run this past Mom?” Katie emerges from the bathroom twenty minutes later, putting lip gloss on. 
“Sure did.” I shrug. “She told me to walk it by her next time though cause I was going so fast she almost didn’t catch what I was trying to say.” 
Katie rolls her eyes, but I know deep down she’s enjoy my random attitude. Even if she wasn’t though, I would continue. It was so wonderful, so freeing to be crazy. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually had energy to be so weird. 
“So, where are we going, Miss Maddie?” Katie grabbed her purse then started out the door. Snatching one of her ball caps from off the peg, I tossed it to her. 
“You’ll see. To Harmony we go! Conquering foe and friend alike we will set sail on this beautiful summer day and see it to it’s delightful end.” 
“Are you sure that it’s safe for you to be out and about? I don’t want anyone taking you and locking you up by mistake but I’m not sure my testimony will do much good seeing how we’re related.” 
“Fair one, thou worry to much.” I gave her my sternest look, the one I’m practicing in case I ever have kids who don’t want to practice their music. 
“What have you been watching?” Katie gives me a helpless look, then sees Darrick. “Save me, oh kindhearted man!” Reaching out she grabs onto his arm. 
Turning to Darrick I shrug my shoulders. “She’s weird.” 
“Madalyn!” Katie drops Darrick’s arm to plant both her fists on her hips. “How could you do that to me? I finally decide to get into your game and then you act like I’m the weird one.” 
“My game?” I give her an innocent look, then raise my eyebrows at Darrick. “Has she been like this a lot recently?” 
Darrick, catching on to what I was doing gave Katie a searching look and then turned to me and in a staged whisper announced, “It was the supper she had last night. I told you the herring had gone bad.” 
“Herring?” Katie gave an exasperated sigh. “We didn’t even have herring last night.” She threw her hands up and rolled her eyes. “I’m not really quite sure what to do with you two right now, so why don’t you just scoot on out to your beloved Jeep so we can get going.” 
“I get to come along, right?” Darrick asked. 

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