A Dozen Ways to get Your Brain Unstuck

What happens when a writer doesn’t feel like writing? Here are twelve things you can do when you feel like your mind has turned into a scum covered pond when it comes to thinking up words to add to paper:

1. Set a time limit and then sit there and write until your timer rings. It doesn’t matter if you later delete everything you just wrote, writing helps get your brain back in gear
2. Eat a banana while skipping to the tune of “Yankee Doodle” and wearing mis-matching socks
3. Fill a large bowl with water and then add random objects to it. Go bobbing and whatever object you retrieve from the water gets added to your story
4. Try lying on a chair with your head hanging down to the floor. Have a cup of water with a straw sticking in it on the ground next to you. Drink all the liquid while upside-down
5. Wear a sandwich sign that says Writer. Will perform for inspiration. Carry paper and a pen with you and go hang out in a crowded area. If someone writes down an idea for you, reward them by playing a kazoo to the tune of “Jingle Bells”
6. Look around the room and pick an item; write a flash-fiction story about it 
7. Find a muddy bit of earth and make a mud angel; pick an old aunt from one of your stories and have her describe it as “The most wonderful thing I ever experienced” 
8. Eat a whole jar of pickles 
9. Walk into a room and throw out your arms yelling “Have no fear, your rescuer is here!” then look at everyone like they’re weird 
10. Buy a cute little rat and let it run all over you as you type 
11. Plant silk flowers in a flower pot, strap the pot to your head, then walk around in a store smiling and waving to everyone 
12. Fill a room with stuffed animals then go and jump in them 

What about you? Surely everyone reading this has found at least one idea that would work to get their brain back in motion. I’d be delighted to hear which idea works best for you. (And, perhaps you could also leave a detailed account of how you pulled it off???) 

Right now I’m not experiencing writer’s block at all. Instead I’m experiencing reality. Which is to say life is busy. A good busy though. And it’s autumn. Autumn makes everything better. So it’s actually a better busy than any other time of year would be. Pretty cool, right? (Haha, did you catch that? Pretty cool…)

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