A Paid Imagination

Last week I got a check in the mail. 
It wasn’t for much, but it was a check nonetheless. A check for my writing. 
And it hit me again. I am a writer. I’m getting royalty checks. I’m making money selling words that my brain crafts into stories. People, I’m getting paid to share my imagination with other people. Can you imagine?

It’s a lot more than that obviously (and, if we want to get technical, just so you don’t have a wrong idea of writers, the check didn’t come close to covering the costs of what I’ve already put into the book), but still, I find it mind blowing. Not really of course, thankfully.
I was about to say something like “Who didn’t dream of getting paid for their imagination when they were a kid?” but then I realized the answer would probably be something like: Almost everyone. 
See, I’ve discovered a lot of these thoughts and ideas that I thought were completely normal that go on inside my head aren’t quite so common after all. 

Take for instance when I’m fixing a baked sweet potato to eat. I cut it in half, then run my fork over the insides to get them all nice and squishy. It wasn’t until last year that I said to my family “Wait a second, I just realized that probably not everyone imagines they’re plowing a field while running their fork through their potato.” The blank stares I received told me that my assessment was, indeed, correct.

Or like when I’m washing dishes and I’m pretending that the movement at the sink is actually powering a secret printing press hidden under the building that’s printing Bibles in a country where they’re illegal.

Or like when I’m making dinner and I smile at the knobs on our kitchen cabinets because they’re the cameras for the cooking show I’m on.

Or like when I’m practicing cracking a nine-foot-long bullwhip and I pretend I’m in the bullwhip-cracking-contest at the Olympics. No, that doesn’t really exist. It makes practice more fun though. 

Then I realize that in a way, I’m paid to have a crazy imagination. And I wonder if my life can get any better. Which of course it can, that wasn’t a real question. 

What about you? What are some things that you used to think were commonplace thoughts and then found out that they aren’t after all? 

4 thoughts on “A Paid Imagination

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Yea! I'm so glad to have found a fellow-plower-of-sweet-potatoes! Thank you for letting me know you're Willa's friend. I always enjoy knowing where people found my blog from. I hope you enjoy it!


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