Writing To-Do List

Here I am, sitting in my messy office, a hundred things to do and I’ve decided to work on my writing projects. It’s so easy for me to get caught up with the rest of life and leave my writing hanging. Or, when I do sit down to write, I end up reading writing blogs and book review blogs and whittle my time away because I’m overwhelmed. 
My brain has created a spread-sheet that looks something like this:
*Update Noveltea
*Work on blog tour for when AK book is released 
*Write the next segment for When Life Hands You Lymes
*Get help for formatting Ak the rest of the way
*Look into business cards, bookmarks, bumper stickers, etc…
*Email illustrator about illustrations 
*Email Logan about AK banner
*Make a plan for CSotP reviewers
*Work on the re-writes for Where Dandelions Grow
*Plot the second Creation Quest book
*Send email about the change in the website address for CSotP
*Write the second Creation Quest book 
*Email my illustrator for the Creation Quest series about illustrations 
*Brainstorm for blog tour giveaways 

That, my friends, is just my writing-world related to-do list. I have an hour and a half to spend on that list. I’m looking forward to getting as much knocked out as possible, and then hurrying back to my office after I finish my other job this afternoon. 
Cleaning my office can wait. I am a writer. And I will write. Even if it is only drafting an email. 
What about you? What’s on your to-do list? 

7 thoughts on “Writing To-Do List

  1. Cait says:

    I just love the “I am a writer and I will write”. xD That is my favourite. I love that you have a list of writerly things to do! I should really do that…because I have a jumbled mess of things I need to do and it's so disorganised I kind of just, ignore it? Hehe. Which is bad. I need to get onto editing my critique-partner's book and also edit something of mine and brainstorm for a prequel. HA. There we go. I have the start of a list. *nods*


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