22 Things You Might Not Know About Me and Writing

22 Things You Might Not Know About Me and Writing
1. It’s not a piece of cake
2. Procrastination is simple to fall into and easy to justify 
3. I use my thesaurus ten times more than I use my dictionary 
4. Some days the words flow and I don’t even consciously think of the fact that I’m writing 
5. Writing can be lonely
6. I constantly feel behind with my writing and writing activities 
7. Some writers are weird. I am weird, which is good, but I don’t want to be a weirdo-weird-writer 
8. Sometimes I stare at my computer for five minutes, trying to figure out a certain word
9. The most words I ever wrote in one day: 20,000
10. The least words I ever wrote in one day: 0 
11. One of the hardest things about writing is the lack of feedback
12. I wasn’t one of those kids who knew she wanted to be a writer before she could even write
13. I get lots of good ideas that I don’t have time to use 
14. I get most of my ideas while cutting grass, swinging, walking, cooking, folding laundry, riding in the car and doing dishes 
15. Words like character development, dialog tag, action beat and point of view mean basically the same thing to me as talking about a menu, main dish and dessert would to a chef
16. I’m completely overwhelmed with writing about half the time
17. Sometimes I feel like a successful writer, sometimes I feel akin to a fake 
18. When I write a descriptive sentence I appreciate, I read it over and over again
19. I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to writing but I am an overachiever 
20. I wish my vocabulary was more advanced 
21. I don’t study the writing craft nearly as much as I should
22. I’m very real and vulnerable when it comes to what I write 
So, what about you? Can you identify with any of these? They don’t even have to relate to writing, just to whatever you do do.  I’d be delighted to hear!

4 thoughts on “22 Things You Might Not Know About Me and Writing

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    You know what? Now that I look at it I disagree with number 7, too. I'll have to change it to “some” when I get back to my computer. Thanks for pointing it out!
    Wow. Thank you for that lovely bit of encouragement! That means a lot.


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