Changing Seasons

Autumn is in the air. Golden rod is blooming in all it’s glory, skies fluctuate between brilliant blue and somber gray, there’s a nip in the air and the leaves are turning to a symphony of colors. 
A week or so ago I was bemoaning to one of my friends about how hard change is. I don’t want things to change. I’m happy, content. Life is going well, I wish it would stay this way. Only, there’s this thing called growing up, and when you grow up… Well, it’s just impossible for everything to stay the same. 
“Just think, if there wasn’t change, then you’d never have your favorite season.” 
My friend’s words brought me up short. I’ve long expressed my delight with living in a state with all four seasons. I’m captivated while watching one season morph into the next. Seeing the change happen before my very eyes is something that never grows old. 

Change. Maybe I’ve been looking at it wrong. How come I take pleasure in watching the physical seasons pass by and yet I resist the season in my life changing? Maybe it’s because I don’t know what will come next, it’s not a science like summer turning into autumn is. Maybe it’s because I don’t think life can get better than it is now. Maybe it’s because I’m not trusting, resting, leaning on the Creator of seasons. 
It took me several days of probing questions to suddenly realize the obvious truth: I had been caught in the snare of finding my security in normalcy. Normalcy isn’t a savior. When I rely on normalcy to help me stay content and happy, I’m bound for disaster. My strength, my joy, my purpose needs to come from Jesus. 
And just like the changing of summer into autumn leaves me breathless with it’s beauty, one day I’ll be able to look back and see how God’s plan for my life is far beyond my wildest dreams.

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” Ephesians 3:20

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