Fictional Reading Update :)

Well, since we’re on the subject of reading, I thought I’d give y’all an update on my fictional reading for this year.

In addition to wanting to read 22 non-fiction books for part of my 22 before 22 challenge, I also wanted to read 22 fictional books before my 22nd birthday {Sept. 30th}. That was easily accomplished by the end of May. {5-22-14 “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” read on the plane flying home from England} My reading goal for 2014, though, was to read 50 books. That meant I had six more books to read.

I’ve read a lot more books this year than last year. There are several things things that factor into this, but here are the main ones I’ve figured out: 
*I’ve traveled a lot. It’s quite easy to read a whole book while on an over-night flight to Asia when you’re in the middle seat and can’t sleep. Same thing when you’re driving across (half) a continent for a month squished in the middle seat of a car. I read 10 books while on my trip to Asia and 11 books while on my trip to Europe. 
*While traveling outside of the USA internet was very limited. Therefore, when I had a moment that I wasn’t busy, instead of pulling up a writing blog, checking my email, texting or that kind of thing, I read. There were hours upon hours that we stood in line for different things in Europe and I got a lot of reading done in those lines. (Really people, I didn’t read the whole time! It’s just when you’re waiting to get in a castle for five hours there’s only so much other stuff you can do…)
*At the beginning of this year I decided to try and be more balanced with how much time I spent with my writing compared to doing other stuff. Therefore, I decided not to be on my computer or the internet one day a week, preferably Sunday, until the end of March. It’s been such a good thing for me, that I’ve continued doing it and I’m not sure if I’ll stop… (Other than one Sunday while traveling to Asia, I’ve kept Sunday as my ‘no internet or computer day’.) Not only has this allowed me more time with my family, but it’s also not  unusual for me to read quite a bit on Sunday. Especially if I’m tired or not feeling well. And we’re talking about gobbling down 200-400 pages… 
So, how many books have I read so far? Here’s the list:
January: Fiction – 6 Non Fiction- 2 
Total = 8
February: Fiction – 4 Non Fiction – 1 
Total = 5
March: Fiction – 3 Non Fiction -5 
Total = 8
April: Fiction – 2 Non Fiction – 4
Total = 6
May: Fiction – 8 Non Fiction – 2
Total = 10 
June: Fiction – 4 Non Fiction – 1
Total = 5
July: Fiction – 6 Non Fiction – 3
Total = 9
August (through 18th): Fiction – 6 Non Fiction – 4
Total = 10
January 1st through August 18th = 61 Books
What about you? Have you been reading a lot recently? I’d be delighted to hear about your fictional reading habits for the year! 

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