When Life Hands You Lymes #32

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m on my way to PA right now for a wedding. Fun, right? Anyway, here’s segment 32 of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. I hope you enjoy it! 

It was a little bit harder to just sit there with a smile plastered on my face after I saw the delicious breakfast. We were having an English breakfast of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, baked beans, ham and toast. My dad had lived in England for a few years before he got married, therefore Chad served us English food every so often. And the baked beans, oh my lands. They are the best. Chad can make them so they have just the right amount of sauce with them with the beans really tender and just a tad bit of sweetness, but not an overpowering amount. 
“Why aren’t you eating?” Katie pointed at my empty plate a few minutes after we’d thanked God for the food and begun the meal. 
“I’m waiting.” I gave her a fake sweet smile. I knew I was making her curious and it’s not often that I can get Katie curious, so it was a pretty cool feeling. Score one point for little sister. 
“Waiting for what?” Katie’s forehead got about three wrinkles in it, which was really cute if I do say so myself. 
“For,” I looked down at my phone. “For about fifteen minutes.” 
“Alright. You win.” Katie set down her fork. “Do you want to tell me what’s going on?” 
“Have you ever noticed how extraordinarily nosey our family is?” I shook my head. “We’ve really got to work on this problem.”
“You know you like having all the attention on you.” Katie leaned forward. “You have my undivided attention.” 
“You’re going to be disappointed.” 
“Better disappointed than curious.” 
Dad, who had been on a conference call came into the room just then. 
“Hey Dad!” Katie and I greeted him in unison. 
“How did the call go?” Katie asked as he sat down at his usual place. “Were you able to get all your topics covered?” 
Dad began piling his food onto his plate. “All except for the last point about the menu for next year.” Bowing his head, Dad said grace, then looked up again. “When I started Emerson Airlines, I never imagined that God would bless our business this much.” 
Our talk naturally turned toward business matters for the remainder of the meal. 
“I had to wait to eat until 30 minutes after I’d taken my new thingy for my thyroid.” I whispered to Katie, knowing the fun moment we’d had was passed. 
“Ah, makes sense. Sorry girl.” 
Let me tell, you waiting 25 minutes after everyone else to eat makes the food taste a lot better. But the time my time was up, I was ready to just shove everything into my mouth, not even bothering to chew. Thankfully, I resisted. 
“You look pale today.” Mom stopped me when I was getting up from the table. “How are you feeling?” 
I laughed. We weren’t going to suddenly start imaging all sorts of things now that my thyroid was out of whack, were we? Then I realized of course Mom would never do that. Mom’s about as level-headed and undramatic as a mom can get. “Oh yeah, I didn’t sleep very well last night.” Understatement, considering I’d gotten about two and a half hours of restless sleep between four and six thirty. 
“Why don’t you try and take a nap later on this morning then?” Mom gave me a pat on the shoulder. “Oh yes, and would it work for you to run into town for me today? I have some stuff I need and I forgot to get it yesterday.” 
“Sounds great to me.” I’m the girl who loves shopping after all, right? 
An hour later though, I was so tried I could barely keep my eyes open. Standing in front of my mirror, I gave myself the evil eye. “Oh, Madalyn, just because you know you have something that’s wrong with your body doesn’t mean you need to start acting differently now.” I closed my eyes for a minute, thinking. Alright, I’d take an hour nap to help make up for lost time the night before, but no more than that. Setting four alarms on my phone, I threw myself across my white comforter and promptly fell asleep. 
When my alarm rang, I felt as if someone was hitting me over the head with a cast iron skillet. Turning off my alarm, I felt like crying when I realized my head was still pounding. Not another headache. I felt like I’d had enough of those to last me for my whole lifetime. 
Want to hang out together? Julia’s text came in a minute later and I responded Sure! before I had even processed what she was asking. Great, now what was I supposed to do? My head felt like a cow had been using it as a punching bag, Mom needed me to run into town, I had my music to practice, Julia was going to come over and I’d just wasted an hour of my day, sleeping. 
Laying with my hand over my eyes to block out excess light, I thought of the difference between last night and today. How could life be so perfect and beautiful and wonderful one moment, and so stressful and wrong the next? 
Want to go into town with me? I texted Julia, then explained how Mom needed me to run some errands for her. 
Julia replied in the affirmative, so I texted Mom and got her list. It wasn’t long before Harmony and I were driving down the road, worship music playing loudly and the top down. Ok, if I could just drive like this long enough my headache would fade away. 

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