Paris France – European Tour

Paris. Ahh, everyone’s dream destination, right? Well, maybe not. I’d never dreamed of going there, anyway.

We stayed in Paris for two days, arriving after our time in Holland and taking the Euro Star to London, England (via the Chunnel) when we left. While driving through France before we arrived in Paris, we were all amazed at how beautiful and vibrant the countryside was.

Looking though my pictures of our time in Paris, I’m astounded by all we crammed into our stay there. We did a lot of walking, riding on double-decker buses, exploring, being warned about pick-pocketers, eating pastries, standing in the rain, taking pictures and overall being very happy when it was time to leave.

When we were in Vienna, we had noticed some people locked padlocks onto the wire on bridges. I thought that was pretty cool. When we got to Paris, we saw that people here took it to a whole new level. See all that gold-looking-stuff? Those are thousands and thousands of padlocks. Couples lock their locks onto the bridge and the throw the key into the river. Aww, so romantic.

Louvre. The famous French Museum. We went there, because, well we were in Paris and isn’t that what people in Paris do? Let’s just say I wouldn’t chose to go back. I don’t agree with French art and it was quite hard finding stuff I could actually look at. We didn’t stay long. 

 Seeing the Mona Lisa was pretty cool, but rather funny, too. There were huge, gigantic, magnificat paintings all around the Mona Lisa that were basically left to themselves and dozens of people were pushing and shoving to see this little painting. Of course having studied the painting in high school I was excited about seeing it. I enjoyed the other paintings more, though. Around the Mona Lisa people were really rude. My sisters had people literally pushing and body-slamming them out of the way. Can we say stressful? 

The coolest part (haha, pun intended) was that the Louver was built over ancient castle ruins and you could go down and see some of them. Pretty neat.

 Despite the fact that Paris was really dirty, stunk, people were rude, there were pick-pocketer warning signs all over the place which made us very cautious and feel very unsafe and it was my least favorite of all the cities we stayed in while in Europe, I’m still glad we went. It was an experience and experiences are good. (Most of the time!)

What about you? Have you always dreamed of going to Paris? Does it disappoint you when you hear less-than-steller reports of the city? Or have you been there yourself? What did you think of it? 
And next European post I’ll share with y’all about my most surprising discovery in Paris. Yep, y’all are going to hear all about my experience with the Eiffel Tower, so stay tuned! 🙂 
Oh, and, if you want to see more pictures of my travels, you can check out my Places I’ve Been board on Pinterest. 

4 thoughts on “Paris France – European Tour

  1. Carissa says:

    Interesting! I'd always heard that Paris was dirty and the people were rude, but I guess now I know that for a fact! I'd also heard how small the Mona Lisa was….wow…really small. I would still love to go to Paris though 🙂



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