Getting to Know Your Characters

Getting to know a character isn’t always easy so when it finally clicks and you feel like you know who a character is, it’s a pretty cool feeling. Yesterday when I was writing this post, I suddenly realized that it wasn’t a real person I was talking about. It wasn’t a friend of mine, it wasn’t even someone I had read about in a book.
This was a character I had created. 
That felt weird because I truly didn’t feel like I was making her up as I went along, it wasn’t as if I was like “Oh, I want Madalyn to be like this or this.” I have spent enough time developing her over the last seven months that Madalyn is Madalyn now. 
Don’t worry, guys! I know that Madalyn isn’t real and that she’s just a figment of my imagination. What I’m pointing out is that I’ve spent enough time working on her that everything she says, does and thinks is in character for her. She’s not me. She doesn’t think like me. She’s Madalyn Emerson. And that’s an exciting place for me, as an author, to be. 
What about you? Do you think Madalyn sounds like me? Or can you tell the difference between my regular blog posts and my When Life Hands You Lymes posts? 
Fun conversation I just had with my sister: 

Mariah: Can Madalyn’s brother who’s away at college be all cool and sympathetic and think she’s going to die and rent a jet just to fly up and visit her? 

Me: Mariah, he doesn’t rent a jet. Their family owns an airline. 

Mariah: Oh, cool! 

One thought on “Getting to Know Your Characters

  1. Jenny says:

    I have these characters that I stick with when I write. So basically most of my stories all have the same characters, with the exceptions of changing a few things to fit the storyline. (Felix, Lynda (sometimes Melynda), Malcolm (usually the evil dude), Jenny (XD), and occasionally Charlotte if I need a fill-in.)


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