Madalyn and Me

One of my favorite things about writing is the ability that comes with it to go, and take your readers, just about anywhere you want to. I have so much fun getting inside a character’s head and doing things I can’t (or don’t want to) do in real life.

Such as spending basically all my time practicing music. Or having a red Jeep that I drive with the top off. Or being the life of the party and center of attention everywhere I go. Or having best friends who own riding stables. Or living in a huge, gigantic mansion. Or having parents who own Emerson Airlines.

Ah yes, Madalyn Emerson from When Life Hands You Lymes is living a life that I’ve created for her and find extremely fun to dive into. I’ve been working on creating a character who is unlike me, wholly realistic, interesting to read about, and able to help others to see the devastating effects of Lyme disease. 


Some people have asked if Madalyn is ‘me’, so I figured I’d give a little glimpse of the two of us so you can see for yourself:

Madalyn is an extremely outgoing extrovert. 
I’m an extremely outgoing introvert, but an introvert nonetheless. 
Madalyn loves music and is very musically talented. She’s been taking music lessons since she was about four years old. She plays guitar, piano and violin.
I love music and even though I could learn to play if I really wanted to, I’m not musically talented, nor do I desire to pursue music.
Madalyn reads to help her grow, but she doesn’t enjoy it. 
I read to help me grow and because I love reading. I can curl up with a book and be lost to the world for the next several hours. I can barely put an exciting book down once I’ve picked it up. 
Madalyn likes being inside. 
I like being outside. 
Madalyn is not an animal person. 
I am an animal person. 
Madalyn loves talking on the phone. 
I do not like talking on the phone. 
Madalyn lives in a gigantic mansion with a whole wing to herself (including mini kitchen, garage, and swimming pool). 
I live in a nice house that could probably fit into Madalyn’s house five or so times. 
Madalyn isn’t a tomboy. 
I am a tomboy. 
Madalyn doesn’t cook very much or very well. 
I cook a lot and I do a good job of it. 
Madalyn loves going and hanging out with her friends at the mall. 
I much rather hang out at my house. 
Madalyn plays music to express her feelings. 
I write to express my feelings.
Madalyn is the youngest of four children. 
I’m the seventh of ten children. 
Madalyn is organized. 
I am… Not organized.

Madalyn expresses her feelings easily.
I find it rather difficult to put my feelings into words.

Madalyn is a people pleaser.
I like to make people happy, but I’m not a people pleaser.

Madalyn is stylish.
I ask my sisters to make sure I look ok.

Madalyn is easy going.
I am… Not easy going.

Madalyn likes being around people all the time.
I like having a lot of time by myself.

Well, there y’all have it. I wouldn’t consider Madalyn and I to be very alike except that we both enjoy creativity. Plus of course the Lyme disease aspects of our lives are going to parallel with each other.

 If any of y’all have questions about Madalyn or When Life Hands You Lymes, I’d be delighted to try and answer them. Thanks, y’all, for going on this writing journey with me!

5 thoughts on “Madalyn and Me

  1. Carissa says:

    Sounds like I have a lot in common with both you and Madalyn! (INTROVERTS UNITE!) 😉

    Will When Life Hands You Lymes be published in book form? I found your blog just recently and haven't been able to read it because I missed the beginning but I would loooove to see it printed!


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