When Life Hands You Lymes #30

I hope y’all are having as good of a week as I am. I’m hanging out with some of my amazing friends in PA this week while getting sewing done. So many good memories! What are y’all up to? 
And… It’s Friday, again, people! Yay! That means it’s time for another episode of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes

It was two days before we got the test results back. In the meantime got to perform for the first time at the Ashburg Symphony, so I was happy. It was a dream come true and lived up to my expectations in every single way. Afterward, I twirled around in my long, black dress and then convinced Darrick to dance around me. 
“You do realize that if anyone saw us they’d think we were a couple, don’t you?” Darrick asked as we waltzed around the empty (except for us) stage. 
“Does that bother you?” No one was around anyway. 
“No, but if it does happen should I play along and confuse them that way, or tell them that we’re actually siblings and let them try and figure it out themselves?” 
“Why in the world does this even matter?” Darrick was speaking to me in a whispery tone of voice, so I replied the same way. 
“Because there’s someone back in the shadows by the seats watching us and I just wondered what you thought about that.” 
I continued dancing. “I think that right now I’m imagining that I’m the only person who has ever danced on this stage to celebrate her first performance at the Ashburg Symphony and I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me at this moment.” 
“Well good for you.” 
When we got home, our whole family sat on one of our balconies, watching the fireflies come out. We were overlooking a wide expanse of pasture land that we were letting rest for a few months, so it looked more like a hay field. Thousands of flowers were holding their heads up in the gathering dusk and I could hear a whipper-will calling from somewhere near our pond. 
“Where were you before the concert?” I asked Mom. I’d noticed her seat was empty when I got to peek out, although I was sure she’d been there when it ended. 
“I had to stop in town for something and it took me longer than I’d planned.” Mom said it in a nonchalant way, but I could tell she did that on purpose. 
“Have you gotten the test results back for Madds thyroid?” Katie asked. 
I twisted around to see Mom’s face. She was giving Katie ‘the look’. “Well did you?” 
“Yes. I was going to wait until tomorrow to talk about it though. We’re celebrating tonight.” 
I knew I should leave it, but goodness, who was going to enjoy the celebration now while all curious about what Mom wasn’t saying. 
Mom must have figured that out, too, because she shrugged. “We’ve figured out why you’ve been so tired, Madalyn.” 
“So that means that my thyroid has been weird?” I felt a little prickle of excitement wash over me. Now I would have my energy back. I took a deep breath and let it out. 
“It’s been very off from where it’s supposed to be.” Mom clicked around on her phone for a moment, then read me some numbers that meant nothing, except for the fact that there was one number that was supposed to be a three and it was a thousand. 
“Wait a second, did you just say it’s that far off?” I was shocked. That was a big deal, right? 
“I got a prescription for you to begin taking each morning. I’ve researched it and it seems to be the best health-wise that’s out there.” Mom slid her phone back into her pocket. “I’m glad to finally know what’s going on. This means you should have your energy back soon.” 
It felt weird knowing I needed to take a prescription medication, no one in my family did that. But hey, if that’s what needed to happen in order for me to to be back to my bounding with energy self, then so be it!
“Well glory be.” Darrick gave me a little punch on my shoulder. “Does this mean you’ll be back to being your night owl self?” 
“One more thing.” Mom was using that nonchalant voice again. “You’re going to need to get a little bit more done for your thyroid.” 
“They’re going to draw my blood again?” Really? By the time I was done I wouldn’t have any of my poor blood left. 
“Actually, they’re going to do an ultra sound on your thyroid.” 
“An ultr-? Wait, what are you talking about here?” Talk about awkward! “I thought they only did that to find out if a pregnant lady was having a boy or girl.” 
“You learn something knew every day.” Mom shrugged. 
Looking over my shoulder, I saw Darrick smirking and I fixed him with my best stare. “One smart remark out of you, young man, and you’ll regret it.” 
“Hey? This is the payback I get after dancing with you when we had an audience?” 
“Anyone want to go running in the field with me?” Dad’s question surprised all of us. 
“I’m in!” I was the first to jump up. I looked down at my dress. “Just let me run and change first.”  Everyone else had changed into lounging clothes when we got home, but I had liked the feeling of my new dress so much that I’d left it on. 
About three minutes later all of us, except Mom, were standing outside the door, looking out into the field. 
“Let’s leave our phones here so we don’t have any interruptions,” Katie suggested.
“Nice idea.” I agreed as I handed my phone to Darrick who stuck all four of them back on the hall table. 
“Alright. Let’s go!” Grabbing one of my hands and one of Katie’s Dad took off running. I reached out and grasped Darrick’s hand, jerking him along with us. We ran that way in a line, the tall grass whipping around us, the fireflies dancing above our heads, the stars twinkling millions of miles above their heads. I didn’t even realize where Dad was leading us until I heard a little gasp from Katie and then Dad’s voice, 
“Everyone, jump!” And so we did. All four of us, right into the pond. Our splashes were followed by about five smaller splashes as our giant bullfrogs freaked out and followed us into the water. 
The water was warm. The night was warmer and the mud was squishing beneath my toes. Then I started splashing Dad with as much water as I could cup into my hands and before I knew what was happening, we were in a full-blown water fight. I’d have to say, it was one of the best times in my life. 
When we finally climbed out of the pond we sloshed our way to the back yard and then worked on ringing out our clothes. 
“Dad, will you tell us a story about when you were a kid?” Katie asked. 
“Let’s lay out here watching the stars and our clothes will dry even more then.” Plopping down on the ground, Darrick lay out flat with his hands under his head. 

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