Heidelberg Castle, Germany – European Tour

Time for another post about Europe. Yay! After Switzerland, our family met up in Frankfurt, Germany and the next day we explored Heidelberg. Heidelberg Castle was one of my favorite places we went. My dad had visited the castle back when he was my age, so that made it extra cool.
We arrived in Heidelberg late in the afternoon and the castle was almost empty which was very awesome. All through Europe our pictures are filled with strangers, but in this beautiful castle we got so many family and people-free pictures. Plus, I could just stand there standing, letting my imagination roam and I wasn’t in anyone’s way.

It was a bit of a hike up the hill to the castle. A gorgeous hike, though, on cobble streets lined with stone walls. 

 People. The construction of this castle started before 1214. Do y’all realize how long ago that was? I can’t even comprehend it. It was worked on and partly rebuilt years and years later, but still. Old. Ancient. So full of history.

 Y’all know me… I love seeded-dandelions. And do you notice those slits at the bottom of the wall? That was for shooting out of. (I’m pretty sure…) My imagination went on overdrive here and still does when I think about it.

More of those slits in the wall. I stood there, imagining the knights and soldiers standing firm, protecting their castle, their people, from an attack.

The castle seemingly went on and on. It was built on-to several times, so it kept getting bigger and going further up the hill.

There were places that I forgot we were in ruins. It looked so serviceable, so ready to be filled with people living, laughing, working. 

Looking through one of the ‘slits’ at the river. Beautiful, beautiful city.

The whole setting was begging to be turned into a story. The hilly countryside, the tranquil river, the German houses, the brilliant green trees, and the mysterious, timeworn ruins. 

The details in the castle surprised me. From arched windows to patterns carved into the stone to statues guarding entrances, it was stunning.

 When I think of the fact that I was here, that I saw this in person, I’m filled with wonder.

Imagine what it used to look like. Imagine living in it. Imagine defending it. Imagine that this was your life. 
The courtyard was extensive. It was so easy to close my eyes and picture people all around me, women washing clothes, gathering water, children playing, talking, soldiers drilling, messenger boys rushing past. 

So much red sandstone that glows in the waning sunlight, making it feel unreal. Such a elegant sight. 
Looking at the defended part of the castle from the other side of the moat. 

And this is outside the castle walls, the moat is me below, to the right.

And one last, sun-bathed view, of Heidelberg Castle. I’m so very, very thankful we got to go there and I would be delighted to visit again some day. If I could, I would go and sit there for days, imagining, writing, feeling.

What about you? Do you think you’d enjoy visiting the Heidelberg Castle? What intrigues you most about it? 

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