When Life Hands You Lymes #27

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Thank you to everyone who has worked for our freedom. I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe day. 
Welcome to the 27th episode of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. I had a lot of fun with this segment, making it goofy and just all around fun. I love the way the family interacts in this story, because they remind me a lot of our family. 🙂
“Do you know what I’m thinking?” Katie asked as we were standing in the not-too-long line. 
“That you’d like your computer back so you can read your emails again?” I studied the menu. I’m not the kind of girl who gets the same thing every time, so each time we go out I have to search until the right treat jumps out at me. 
“Um, no.” 
“Good, because how in the world could you be thinking of emails when you’re getting to hang out with the two of us?”
“Humble of you. But no, that’s not what I was thinking.” 
“I know! You were thinking that you want a chocolate sundae with marshmallows, gummy-bears, pecans and sprinkles on top?” It was a wild guess, but Katie has wild tastes sometimes. 
“You guess the most off the wall things.” Katie was tapping her fingers together and I knew that even though she was patient enough to keep letting me guess, she just felt like telling me. I kept guessing anyway. 
“You want a puppy for your birthday?” 
“What?” Mom doesn’t get shocked, but my question made her turn and stare at me. “Did you just say you wanted a puppy for your birthday, Madalyn?” 
“No, not me.” I shook my head. “It’s Katie who wants one.” 
“Katie?” Poor Mom. 
“No, Mother.” Katie inclined her head toward me. “I was thinking of getting a banana split and somehow your daughter turned that into a puppy. Don’t ask me how she does that.” 
“It’s quite easy, actually.” Man, this was fun. Nothing could compare to hanging out with Mom and Katie. 
“A banana split?” Mom nodded. “That sounds good to me, too. Somehow having the word banana in there makes it feel a little bit more healthy.” 
“And extra chocolate syrup.” Katie rubbed her stomach. “I don’t think I’ve had a banana split since my tenth birthday.” 
“I think if we name your puppy ‘Banana Split’ we should shorten it to just ‘Splitty’ or ‘Banana’ or something like that. It takes too long to say all of ‘Banana Split’.” We were at the front of the line by now, so neither Mom nor Katie responded to my joke. Oh well, some jokes just don’t get the laughs they deserve. 
After Mom and Katie ordered their banana splits, the guy turned to me. “I would like a chocolate sundae with marshmallows, gummy-bears, pecans and sprinkles on top, please.” All three of them just looked at me. “Hey, it sounds good!” I defended myself then offered the guy behind the counter a smile. “Thank you.” 
“All I can say is it’s nice to have you back.” Katie said after we had sat down at our booth with our frozen treats. 
“What do you mean by that?” 
“When you were sick you were a big grump.” 
“Oh.” Ooops. 
“Let’s pray now so we can eat this food before it’s a puddle of sugar and syrup.” 
Bowing my head, I listened as Mom thanked God for our delightful girl’s afternoon out and for giving me the chance with the Ashburg Symphony. 
Today was your last day to get your stories in for Noveltea’s writing contest. There are a lot of y’all who have said that you’re going to do it, but haven’t gotten them sent in. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be behind in life. Therefore, since I won’t be posting the winning stories until Monday, if you get them in by Sunday night, that’s fine. (Note: Ok, do you want to know what I’m really saying? I’m really saying I don’t have many stories. Like one. Embarrassing, right? *cue blushing* Oh well, if there aren’t more by the end of the weekend, we’ll just make do. 🙂 

One thought on “When Life Hands You Lymes #27

  1. David Mabe says:

    Madalyn and I have a very similar since of humour. I also tend to offer off the wall suggestions when someone asks me to “guess what” or “do you know what I'm thinking….” 🙂


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