Switzerland – European Tour

This post is filled with so much gorgeousness I can hardly comprehend it. I’m not a photographer therefore you’ll just have to look at these pictures and visualize them being about five times more beautiful and you’ll have a glimpse of what my day was like on Sunday, May 4th, 2014. The day I saw some of the most breathtaking land ever. The day a dream of mine came true.   

The day I got to go to Switzerland.

My brother wanted to go skydiving in Switzerland. So early in the morning, only about six hours after getting back from our adventure at the Newschwanstein Castle, we crammed ourselves into the car and took off on a five or so hour detour so we could experience Switzerland. It was 100% worth every moment of it. 

I have wanted to go to Switzerland since I was about nine and read Treasures of the Snow for the first time (the book takes place in the Swiss Alps). The book quickly became one of my favorites and was very influential in my life. Switzerland and Holland were the two places I really wanted to go while we were in Europe and I’m so thankful we got to go both places! 

Of course I had to take my copy of Treasures of the Snow with me and I read all 232 pages of it while in the country, most of it while sitting in this breathtaking field with the brightly shinning sun warming me and the snow-covered mountain peaks distracting me.

The day was windy and chilly but with the sun and a sweatshirt it was perfect. We waited at the airfield for about four hours before my brother could skydive because of issues with the wind. 

Those hours were amazing. In reality I was only about twenty feet from our car, but I had my back to it and I was surrounded the rest of the way by a field with thousands of blossoms – just like the book I was reading described.

There was a train track not far away and I was delighted to get to watch the white and red cars chugging past. 

All throughout the day I got to watch little planes taking off, the skydivers jumping out and then landing about 100 feet from me. I have no clue how every single one of them landed in the designated area, but they did. It was amazing. 
When I asked my brother about the experience after skydiving (he’s skydived before, just never in Switzerland) he said it was the most beautiful thing he’s ever done. Knowing how amazing it was from the ground, I wasn’t surprised to hear that. 
After I was done reading my book, I was tired (we hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before) and the sun felt so good, so I lay back on my blanket and fell asleep. As weird as it sounds to say this, I think that was one of my favorite naps I’ve ever had. It was just such a good day! 

I wanted to eat Swiss cheese in Switzerland. (Of course!) So, just a little while before we crossed the border into Germany, we stopped at a store and bought bread, swiss cheese and a little bit of meat. We were all covered with crumbs (and the car was too) by the time we finished eating, but me oh my, it was so, so worth it!

And there you have it folks! Our breathtakingly beautiful day in Switzerland. Our next destination was Frankfurt, Germany. We ended up arriving at our hotel at around midnight, but that’s a story for another day.

What about you? Does Switzerland look like a place you’d like to visit? 

4 thoughts on “Switzerland – European Tour

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness, is it beautiful there or what!! I think I would have been slap-happy there with a camera. So glad for you that you got to spend time there. Thanks for sharing with us – so gorgeous! Yes I would visit there. 😉



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