Short Story – Roots

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Happy Monday, people! I just got back from a two mile walk and I’m excited about starting this crazy week I have ahead of me. I’m also looking forward to seeing the entries come in from the writing contest I’m hosting. 🙂
Here’s a quick review of the rules:
1. The story should be between 300-500 words
2. No Horror or Magic 
3. The stories are due on or before July 4th, 2014 
You can email me the story at aidylewoh(at)gmail(dot)com

After I get the stories, I’ll pick my favorite three and post them on my blog, then y’all will vote on the winner. The prize will be this amazing, fun, and adventuresome DVD: 

I’m going to post a random, sample story again. How I do this is I go on Pinterest, pick a picture that looks interesting, set my stopwatch and write.

Time: 25 Minutes
Wordcount: 410
Hardest Part: The dialog  
Roots. Some say they aren’t important. That they don’t really direct where you end up. That you get to chose your own identity. But what about me? Every time I try and move forward, I feel the restraining hold of my roots keeping me back. I long for freedom, I lunge for freedom. And yet, just when I think I’m going to make it, when I think I’m going to break the chains and find the life I’ve longed to live, my roots jerk me back to reality. 

You’ll never amount to anything. The words of my teachers echo in my brain. 
You’re the unwanted daughter of a woman no lady would ever call her friend. You aren’t good enough for my daughter. Leave her alone. The words of my wanna-be friend’s mother pound in my head. 
What? You think you can get a job here? Do you realize who your parents are? The words of the man who could have been my boss rain down on me, bringing condemnation. 

I look hopelessly into the dark blue sky. Wishing, wanting, longing to escape this town where my roots have held me captive. All I ever will be, all I ever can be, was determined before I was born. I’m a helpless mess in a sea of other people’s mistakes. 

A shadow falls on me. Looking over, I see a girl about my age. Linking her arm through mine she stands there with me, gazing up at the heavens. I barely dare to breath. Who is this? Does she know who I am? 

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Her words come out softly, as if she’s in awe. 
A lady walks by, then stops. “Anna dear, I know you’re new here so I must ask you, do you know who you’re standing next to?” 
“Of course, ma’am, my friend.” Anna smiles, then returns her eyes upward. “We’re enjoying the sky, would you like to join us?” 
With a huff, the lady walks off. 
“Do you know my name?” I ask, voice quiet. 
“How sill of me, I guess I don’t.” The girl doesn’t move. “But I was lonely and you looked like just the friend I need.” 
“I don’t have friends.” Again, the choking feeling of the roots tightening around my soul. 
The girl tilts her head to the side, “I beg to differ.” 

And with that, I feel a little tug and then snap as one tentacle of the root breaks. 

2 thoughts on “Short Story – Roots

  1. David Mabe says:

    Cool story!! When you started out saying “roots,” I thought, “Wait, that's already been written.” But then it's not the same story. 😀 I'm still brainstorming mine. Hope you're having a good Monday.


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