When Life Hands You Lymes #25 // Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Carissa for being the winner of my book, Cave Secrets of Pterodactyl and a gift-card from the giveaway Bekah from over at His Princess hosted for me! If you could email me, Carissa, at aidylewoh (at) gmail (dot) com, that would be great! And make sure y’all enter this giveaway!

Hey y’all! Do you realize that this is already the 25th Friday of 2014? I counted it up today, and next week we’ll be half way though with the Fridays for the year. Crazy, huh?

Well, I had this post of When Life Hands You Lymes already written, but when I tried to pull it up on my computer, it refused to come. :-/ I have a MacBook Air which doesn’t have a lot of memory and when I get too much stuff on here, it stops opening documents until I get some of the stuff taken off. Therefore, I had to wait until I could walk down to my new office (we’re moving down the road) and get my hard drive then come and put about 1,500 pictures on it from my computer, and then I was able to open the When Life Hands You Lymes document.

So, with that background, please sit back and enjoy this episode of my fictional story When Life Hands You Lymes… 

“Ah, rats!” 
“Thanks for the nice greeting,” I gave Damien a puzzled look. “Is something wrong?” 
Julia laughed, “No, we were just having a friendly little competition.” Julia led the way into the barn. “And I’m the winner.” 
“The winner of what?” It didn’t take my eyes long to adjust to the dimness of the barn, it really wasn’t much different from outside this early in the morning. 
“Damien was guessing you’d be late.” Julia stopped in front of Muffin’s stall. “You can ride Muffin again if you want.” 
“Sure, thanks.” She led her out of the barn and then helped me mount. After I was all adjusted, I turned to Damien, “What made you think I’d be late?”
“A girl can’t be early all the time, can she? I thought there was some law of nature against it.” 
Laughing I shook my head at Damien. “You obviously don’t know my sister very well then.” 
“Obviously he doesn’t know any of the Emerson’s very well.” Julia swung up on to her horse with ease. 
“What’s it like to have that reputation?” Damien lead the way down through a field to where the trail started across a creek. 
“What kind of reputation?” I adjusted myself to the rhythm of Muffin’s gait and kinda rocked along with her. 
“Always being on time.” Damien spoke louder than usual to be heard over the creaking of leather and clop, clop of the horses’ hoofs. 
“Being so successful,” Julia added. 
“You know, just the reputation you have.” Damien twisted in his saddle to look at me. 
“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I haven’t really thought about it much, except it is sometimes hard to have such amazing siblings to live up to.” 
Julia let out a scoffing laugh. “Madalyn, really?” 
I couldn’t decide what she was talking about, so I lifted a hand questioningly. “What do you mean?” 
“You’re like, the most dedicated, passionate musician I’ve ever seen in my life. No matter what your siblings are, they couldn’t be more hardcore than you, right?” 
“I hadn’t thought about it like that.” I looked down at the saddle horn. “Our family is known as business people though, not musicians. Somehow being a musician doesn’t seem very important.” 
The conversation continued on, but I was stuck thinking about what we had said. I was happy being a musician. I had wanted to be a musician for years. I never felt like I was truly doing something great though when I played my music. It seemed like running an airline was important, but playing music… I did that more because I had to. Because it was part of me. Even though my parents fully supported me, I sometimes wondered if I was a disappointment to them since I wasn’t so business minded. Even Darrick with all his goofing off had a mind that could turn out business gold like my fingers brought music out of a piano. 
I had even thought of giving up music a few times, but my love for it always drove that thought out of my mind. I was an Emerson though. That meant I was supposed to be all into facts and figures and business plans, right? Meetings where we discussed employee participation and managers ready for their next promotion were supposed to be part of my every day life. Why did I feel so distanced from it, then? Reaching up, I touched the freckles that dotted my face and would be thick and dark by the end of summer. None of the rest of my family had freckles. I felt a chill run through my arms when the next thought hit me. What if I was adopted? What if I wasn’t really an Emerson after all?  

I’m going to be posting a few polls over on the side of my blog. If you could vote on them, that would be VERY helpful! Thank you! 

6 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lymes #25 // Giveaway Winner

  1. David Mabe says:

    Congratulations, Carissa!!!! Do we have a mystery starting? This could get interesting, Or should I say, more interesting. This was a great segment. It's nice to see Madalyn active again. Looking forward to next week. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


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