Amazing Sunday

On Saturday evening, I got to surprise my adopted dad by showing up at the cabin and telling him that I was going to spend Father’s Day with him and Mom. We had so much fun! Sunday was such a great day I figured I should share it with y’all. 🙂

After church we came home and we went down and cracked the whip for a while. I was really excited when I got it to crack the first time and continued with a winning streak of 14 cracks in a row. Sometimes it just won’t crack, so the feeling of hearing the snap is pretty cool. After that we had lunch out on the porch while watching the birds. They have a bunch of bird feeders and their cabin is surrounded by trees, so the little feathered creatures are all over the place

Next we went and threw the tomahawk. I’d never done that before, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. The first couple of times I threw it I was left with the feeling of “Yeah, this is never going to work!” but then I got it! The thud of it hitting the log and sticking in was pretty thrilling and I just wanted to keep throwing it and throwing it. The most I got in a row was three, and I was quite happy.

Then I went for a ride on Cowboy. He’s so pretty! I’m used to seeing him after it’s rained and he’s all dirty, so to see him all cleaned and speckled was a change. I rode him for almost an hour which was great, but I was sore the next day. 🙂 

For years we’ve talked about randomly jumping into the pond, so when we were walking back from putting Cowboy away, we did just that. Then, what better way to dry out my clothes than to build a fire and make s’mores? (You can see in the picture below that my hair is still wet.) 
All in all it was a very amazing day. After the s’mores, I went back to my other house so I could see my other set of parents on Father’s Day, too. 🙂 I love both my families so much and I’m so very, very thankful for them! 

6 thoughts on “Amazing Sunday

  1. David Mabe says:

    Sounds like a fun day. Buddy and Kay just look like they'd be fun to hang out with. I'm glad you got to surprise him for Father's Day. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it. Hope you're having a great Wednesday!!


  2. Carissa says:

    Wow, that all looks like a blast!! 🙂 So would you mind explaining the whole “adopted family” thing? I think it's awesome and neat and all that but I'm a little confused. 😛

    Love your blog!!



  3. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Hey Carissa!
    So… The 'adopted parent thing'. Goodness, I could just give a quick, little answer and say that in reality, we aren't related, we're just good friends, but that doesn't really tell it how it is.
    Legally, I'm not adopted, but in practically every other sense I am. They truly are just like a second set of parents to me. I have a great, and I do mean totally wonderful family that I was born into (I seriously can't imagine a better one), and they're happy to share me with my 'adopted family'.
    And yeah, I'm not really getting anywhere, am I? I think that's pretty much because you have to see us together to see how close my adopted parents and I actually are with each other. 🙂 But yes, it's not legal, but in every other way I consider them another set of parents. 😉
    I hope you're not as confused as I feel like I've made you….


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