Europe Trip – Salzburg, Austria – Sound of Music

The last time I posted about my European trip was two weeks ago. Yikes! Therefore, I thought today would be a great day to give y’all the next installment. There are still lots of Vienna stories to tell, but since it’s taking so long, I decided to move on to the next leg of our journey. 
Our time in Vienna was with a bunch of people we knew (it was a business trip), but when we left the hotel we were suddenly in a land full of strangers where we didn’t speak the language and that’s when the adventure really began. We were all like “Oh my lands, what are we doing?” 
There were eight of us traveling in two cars and once we were on the busy roadways, we got to thinking “Wow, what if we get separated? There isn’t any way to get back in contact with each other unless we both find Internet (which was hard to do) and then we can iMessage on our phones.” It was weird. That’s when we decided to make sure each carload had their own passports and directions to the hotel we were going to be meeting up at that night. 

The first while was a little bit stressful as we were learning to navigate the strange road system and figure out where we were going and try to figure out a place for everything. (We packed too much. Note for if you’re ever traveling through Europe: Pack half of what you think you need, and then leave half of that at home. You’ll be glad you did.) 
Salzburg, Austria was on our way to our next destination which made us all really happy. If y’all have seen Sound of Music, then that name is probably familiar because Salzburg is where the original Von Trapp family lived, plus where the movie took place and was filmed. 
I remember the first time I watched The Sound of Music back when I was probably about eight or so. It was one of the first ‘war’ movies I watched that didn’t have fighting in it. I didn’t understand the significance of what the Von Trapp family did at the time, but since then I’ve realized how huge of a deal it was. 

Sadly,  didn’t get any pictures of their actual house, only this sign, before we were told we needed to leave… :-/
It’s a bed and breakfast now. We *were* there though!

For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Von Trapp was a war hero from WW1, but when Hitler called for him to serve during WW2, he refused and the whole family ended up crossing the border to Italy and eventually immigrating to America. They were amazing singers and traveled all over the States, singing. The movie Sound of Music is based loosely on their story. (I don’t necessarily recommend the movie, although I do like it.)

The place we got to see the most of is where the rowboat scene was filmed. They didn’t use the house that the setting takes place in, so it might look a little bit confusing, but they used part of the gardens and of course the water. 
It was a cloudy, rainy day (most of our trip was), but it was still beautiful. We didn’t stay long because we didn’t know for sure if we were allowed to be there (it was a hotel, I think), but we did get a few pictures and enjoyed looking around outside. The building was huge
When we saw this (below) we were all like “Oh my goodness!” because it felt so weird to actually be right there. A few days later when we watched the movie together, we kept saying “Wow, we saw that.” “Oh look, we were there!” “I hadn’t realized that was in the movie!” It was a pretty fun experience. 

Salzburg was beautiful. Austria was friendly. The history was amazing. All in all, Austria was one of the countries that was clean, astounding, and very much worth going back to. When I take everything into consideration, there wasn’t much about the country that I didn’t like. 

What about y’all? What good things have you heard about Austria? Have you ever watched The Sound of Music

8 thoughts on “Europe Trip – Salzburg, Austria – Sound of Music

  1. David Mabe says:

    I would imagine they don't mind tourists coming. At the very least, just the popularity of the movie probably leads people to visit the Von Trapp house. 🙂 I'm sure they'd have chased you off if you weren't welcome to be there.


  2. Bekah says:

    Beautiful scenery! We've watched “Sound of Music” and loved watching it. We haven't watched it recently, but I definitely recognize the scene at the river. 🙂 So cool!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    His Princess,


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