When Life Hands You Lymes #24

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the 24th segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes! I just had a lot of fun getting a couple thousand words written, and hopefully you’ll enjoy this part of the story as much as I am. 🙂 
And without further ado, may I present to you… 
After a couple days of resting, I woke up Saturday morning feeling back to normal. It was great. I pretty much danced around the room the whole time I was getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup. I even got about thirty minutes of practice time in with the piano before going down for breakfast. 
“Wow, you look good.” Darrick gave me a shoulder hug. “I’m guessing this means germs have passed and you’re ok to hug again?” 
I gave his arm a punch, “Really, I don’t think one quick moment of contact with me is going to send you to bed for a month.” I scooted into my seat and put my napkin in my lap. Inhaling deeply, I sighed with delight at the buttery smell. We were having pancakes for breakfast, a once a month treat and my mouth was watering. Carter somehow knows how to make wheat flour as fluffy and melt-in-your mouth as most people’s bleached, unhealthy white flour. I think that’s one reason why Mom liked him so much to when he first started working for us. 
“You’re looking good today,” Dad’s comment when he came in the room was almost an exact copy of my brother’s. “How are you feeling?” He gave my head a little thump when he walked by. 
“I’m feeling great.” I grinned. It was so crazy good to be feeling back to normal. 
“Dad!” Katie’s normally calm voice was high with stress. “Division Four is late getting it’s report in, again.” She held her phone out as if to give proof of her words. “I’m about ready to tell Ben that he has one more chance to get on schedule with the rest of the office or his job is going to someone who can handle deadlines.” Blowing out a sigh, she tapped her foot on the floor. 
I shook my head. I never understood how anyone could dare being late around Katie. Everything she runs has timeliness and professionalism stamped onto it. Of course she gives grace when needed, but when someone is late because they’re just late, you had better watch out. 
“Sit down honey.” Mom breezed into the room, her running shoes still on. “Take a couple of deep breaths and then we can talk this over.” Mom gave Dad a quick kiss on the cheek and then slipped into her seat. “Good, Madalyn. You’ve got color back in your face. I think you’re better.” Mom smiled at me, then bowed her head. 
Dad thanked God for our breakfast and asked for wisdom as we dealt with the problems of the day, then we all dug in, except for Katie. 
“Can you explain the situation to us, Kate?” Mom asked, piling fresh berries on to her one pancake.  
“This is the third time this quarter that Ben’s been late sending in the weekly report for Division Four. Overall he’s very detailed and good at his job, but when it all boils down, we need leaders who we can count on for promptness.” 
Dad said something, and Katie replied and so the conversation went. It felt almost like a ping-pong ball going back and forth as I watched the two of them talk. They discussed the pros and cons of keeping Ben on and just handling his non-promptness, but in the end they agreed that he was getting his final warning before being demoted. 
Looking down at my callused hands, I thought of all the lessons I’d been taught on diligence and being someone who could be counted on. I had a fun childhood, no doubt about that, but we were also excepted to be responsible when we were young. Mom always told me that one day I’d look back and thank them for helping me get ahead in life, and I was pretty sure that time had come. I was only 16 and yet I was known by all my teachers for having every assignment turned in on time. At church, everyone knew that if I was helping them with a project, it would be done before the deadline. Same thing at our office. Timeliness was just a way of life and had been since I was born. 
And speaking of time… “Oh my goodness!” I didn’t realize how much time had passed, until I looked down at my phone. 
“What’s going on?” Dad quirked an eyebrow in my direction. 
“I was going to meet up with Julia and Damien for an early morning trail ride.” I stuffed the last bite of syrup-soaked pancake into my mouth. “Is it alright if I go?” The words came out a mumble around my sticky mouth. 
“You’re reminding me of a two-year-old right now.” Darrick handed me his napkin. “Make sure you wash your face and hands when you get up, ok honey?” 
I gave Darrick a mock glare. “Yes, Dad.” 
“Have fun, Maddie.” Dad glanced at his watch. “Are you going to be back for lunch.” 
I nodded.
“Wait a second.” Darrick looked me up and down. “No Western, cowgirl garb today?” 
I just shook my head at him as I hurried out of the room. 
I pressed the start button for my Jeep, Harmony, and then climbed in, slinging my backpack-purse onto the passenger seat. Backing out of the garage, I hit the play button on my CD player. I had just recently gotten a new Matthew West CD and I couldn’t wait to hear it. Rolling down my windows, I couldn’t help but grin, life was really great. 

4 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lymes #24

  1. David Mabe says:

    Madalyn and I have the same taste in music. The new Matthew West CD is awesome!!! Great segment. We've learned, do not be late when Katie is in charge. :-O Looking forward to the next. Have a great week!!!!


  2. David Mabe says:

    I talked to him for about 30 minutes when he came to Tyler Texas back during his debut album tour. You can't really “know” a person after only 30 minutes, but he seemed like a really cool guy.


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