Book Birthday Celebration #3 // A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Hey everyone! Today is the third day that I’m celebrating the upcoming first birthday of my first book being released. How exciting! You can read about Day One Here and find out some random facts, and read about Day Two Here and try your hand at a fun guessing game with a fun prize at the end! 

We’re going to start off with a trip down memory lane. Starting seventeen days prior to getting my book published, I began counting down the days on my blog. You can read those posts, here:

Only Seventeen Days!

Only Twelve Days!
Holding a proof copy for the first time. 🙂 
Then I moved on to writing my writing story, although I never finished that… Maybe I’ll get back to that some day… 

Writing Story Part 1
Writing Story Part 2
Writing Story Part 3
Writing Story Part 4

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and are able to catch a glimpse of what my life was like while waiting for my book to be released. It was crazy! I’ll see you tomorrow for the announcement of the cool contest I’ll be hosting on Noveltea. Have a great day, y’all! And don’t forget to play the game

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