Time to Party! // Book Birthday Celebration #1

 Do y’all know what Saturday is? June 14th. And do y’all know what June 14th is? (And yes, I do realize it’s Saturday, but that’s not really the answer I was looking for…) Saturday, June 14th, is the anniversary of when my book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactylwas published. Yay! Which, of course means it’s time for some fun celebrations!

Me with an armload of books for the first time. Pure joy, right there, folks! 
We’re gonna kick off with some random facts, add on a time for Q&A, fill in with a game or two, a trip down memory lane and end up with a contest. Yes, y’all heard that right: We are having a real celebration! (Which equals fun, of course…) And, if y’all watch closely, you might just see me popping up a few other places… 
Signing my first book with my bro cheering me on. 🙂
Random Facts… 

*I wrote Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl during November in 2012, right after I got my puppy, Novel. Therefore I had book writing and puppy training duty at the same time. :-0
Novel enjoys good books though, so it was fun for both of us. 
(Actually, her love for books was the worst part of her puppyhood, but I fixed the problem by turning my bookshelf around so she couldn’t reach them.)

*When I wrote Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl, I began sitting on a chair and using a lap desk instead of sitting at a regular desk. I’ve been using the same set up ever since. 

*I used to hate it when I was always guessed half of my age, but around the time I got Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl published, I realized it was a lot more impressive to have someone who looked like they were 14 to be published, than for a 20 year old, I began enjoying it. 

*Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl was originally published under the title of Our Adventure Begins. It took me a while to like the new name. 

*There was a problem with the printing of the books, and so even though we had a big release party/book-signing thingie set up, we almost didn’t have the books on time. That caused a bit of stress and me assuring myself “This will be a good story for me to tell my grandkids one day…” Thankfully, everything worked out just fine. 
*I listened to the soundtrack for How To Train Your Dragon and The Story CD’s over and over again throughout the whole time I was writing the book. 
My adopted parents and me getting a picture with our new book after a long, tiring, exciting day. 
*I was in Hawaii when I found out my book was going to be published and I ran down to the beach where I sat and watched a glorious sunrise while gushing with my adopted parents (and co-authors) and asking for all the details. 

*I didn’t tell hardly anyone (including family) about finding out that my book was going to be published until the next day, because it was such wonderful news I wanted to keep it to myself. 

*When I was younger, I’d wanted to be published when I was 18, but I felt 20 wasn’t too far off the mark and was really excited. 

*I used to doodle my name all the time in preparation for book-signings. Unfortunately, I don’t think it helped me very much. 
The beach in Hawaii the morning I found out my book was going to be published
So, what about y’all? If you’ve been around here long, you’ve probably heard some of those random bits of information. I’d be delighted to know if you learned anything new, though! Thanks for joining me for my celebration and I hope you have as fun as I’m having! Check back tomorrow for the next segment in our party! 

8 thoughts on “Time to Party! // Book Birthday Celebration #1

  1. David Mabe says:

    A specific question about one of your specific random thoughts. If you had to turn your bookshelf around to stop Novel from feasting on your novels, how did you get to your books? 🙂 I'm at work, so it isn't as much fun, but it beats the alternative. (Unemployment that is 😀 ). Have a great Wednesday!!!!


  2. Sarah Rudolph says:

    Wow! This makes me so happy! =) You look so so happy in those pictures! Congratulations!!!! Is that what I'm supposed to say? Or should I say “Happy Birthday, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl!”



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