Action Kids Update and Snippet

It’s been far too long, y’all, since I talked about writing on Noveltea, so that’s what I’m going to do today! You know how I’ve mentioned my Action Kids book? Well, it’s coming along really nicely! I’m all excited and a little bit overwhelmed (not bad though) and thrilled and wishing I had all the time I needed to work on it. 
I have the second set of edits back from my editor, so all that needs done is a little bit of tweaking and the cover designed then it will be ready! I’m self-publishing this book so of course I still have a lot of details I have to work out and all, but it’s going to be amazing! I’m excited about putting together a grand blog-book-tour thingy and finding exciting prizes and info and stories to share with y’all. 
And now, I thought I’d give y’all a little snippet from the book… Enjoy! 
“What exactly are you going to be doing?” I asked my parents after we had talked about the school for a while.
“We’re going to be working at a business retreat center called Forward Focus. It’s out in the country and it looks really adventuresome.” Mom whipped out her laptop, pulled their website up, and started showing us pictures. Despite being against the move, I had to agree: It was pretty cool looking. It made me think of a little town with a festive twist to it, almost like a fair was going on. There were brick pathways leading from one building to the next, with lampposts every so often and cute banners hanging between them.  
“That building looks awesome!” Alex pointed one out that was all different shapes and sizes. It almost looked like someone had built one building, then built an addition on to that, and then another one onto that one, and on and on until they were in a big circle of buildings with a beautiful garden growing in the middle. The picture was shot from way up high, probably taken from a helicopter.
“Oh, and look at that one!” In my excitement, I forgot I was supposed to be upset about moving. “It almost looks like a barn.”
“It was a barn.” Mom showed us a picture farther down on the screen; it was of an old, worn down farm. “See, Forward Focus used to be a farm before it was turned into the business retreat center. They renovated, which pretty much means remodeled, some of the older buildings to make the retreat more unique.”
“There’s also a whole area they call The Kid’s Zone. They’re working on re-doing that part of the website though, so we can’t see it now,” Dad’s voice came from over my shoulder. “The Kid’s Zone is a famous place and annually has visitors from several different countries and all of the USA.”
“Woah! That rocks.” Alex gave his basketball a little toss in the air and then caught it again. “Wait until I tell my friends!” 
Okay, that did sound extraordinary, but I still wasn’t happy about moving. “If it’s on an old farm, does that mean we won’t be near a city? What about shopping? Will there be enough stores nearby? A mall?” Images of myself dressed in overalls and plaid shirts until my high school graduation danced through my brain. It wasn’t a very pretty sight.
“Don’t worry, Liv,” Dad clapped me on the shoulder, “we might not have any stores within walking distance, but I’m sure you’ll still find plenty of opportunities to go shopping.” 

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6 thoughts on “Action Kids Update and Snippet

  1. David Mabe says:

    Is self publishing pretty easy to do? I like the snippet of the “AK” book. Can't wait to hear more news about the book and the progress. Hope you're having a good Monday!! 😀


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Anyone and I do mean *anyone* can self publish something, but there are different levels to self publishing and I'm working at doing this project with quality and professionalism. 😉 It's a lot of work, but I don't need to get 'accepted' like with traditional publishing. The reason I'm going this route is for several reasons, the biggest ones being: 1) I've already gone the traditional route and loved it and will do it again, but I want to try it on my own. 2) Self publishing is a lot faster and I have ideas that I want to get out there without having to wait for several more years and 3) It seems like a fun adventure. 🙂 Thanks for asking!


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