The Netherlands (Holland), Belgium, France and England

Only three more days until I head home! After being gone for three months already this year, I seriously can’t wrap my brain around the idea of being home and actually having time to catch up on everything and get back into the routine of writing, cooking, helping out, petting my dog and just normal life. (Although in reality, I’m not even sure what normal life is…) 
The Netherlands (Holland)
If I remember correctly I last updated you when we were in Germany. Since then I’ve spent a delightful, albeit rainy, few days in the Netherlands (which was a dream come true for me! I can’t wait to tell y’all more about it), part of a day in Belgium, a couple days in France and then the last several days have been spent in bright and sunny England.  
Trying Belgium waffles in Belgium, French bread and French fries in France and English tea and fish and chips in England has been fun. It’s weird because in Belgium they had really good fries, but you had to pay to get ketchup on them. I actually liked the fries I had in Belgium more than the fries from France. And of course ‘chips’ in England are actually fries. Crazy, right? 
The Eiffel Tower
Paris has never been a big dream for me, but I’m still glad we went there. I’ll of course have to tell y’all more about it later. In fact, I hope to write a lot more about Europe during the next few months. I feel so  behind on my blog. I was just realizing I’ve never finished the story about how I got my first book published, and my book’s birthday is rapidly approaching. 😮

The 100% spectacular view from the Eiffel
Do you know what I miss a lot? I miss animals. I’ve barely had any contact with animals these last few months, and I’m getting to the point where when I see a dog I’m pretty much like “Can we stop and pet him?” I’ll be happy to get my petting animals time in when we get back home. 🙂 

Fish and Chips in England 
London was amazing. I’ve read so many books that take place there that I was one happy little girl for the two days we spent in the city. Now we’re out in the country visiting some friends, and it’s totally beautiful! I can’t wait to share more about it with y’all. Thanks for all your lovely patience with me and my blog during this time of little activity. As much as I love doing stuff with y’all, it’s been amazing to just focus on the time here and not on writing, emailing, blogging and all that great stuff that’s a normal part of my life. 🙂 
What about you? What have you been up to? I’d be delight to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “The Netherlands (Holland), Belgium, France and England

  1. David Mabe says:

    I'm with you in regards to Paris. I don't have any specific desire to visit, but if I'm ever blessed with the ability to visit Europe and have the opportunity to go to France, I wouldn't turn it down. Since you were in England, did you get a chance to go to Oxford and visit the Eagle and Child Pub?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow — those pictures just look beautiful!! Amazing. I am so happy you are getting the opportunities you are! Very awesome! <3



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