When Life Hands You Lymes #20

Welcome to the twentieth segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. Twenty? That means that 2014 is almost half over! Crazy. 🙂 

“Sorry to change the subject,” Dad gave us all a glance. “But it’s time for us to start talking about the business of the day. I have a meeting I need to leave for in about ten minutes, so why don’t we discuss anything we need to before I leave.” 
That’s one thing I really like about having a family business and being a part of it. Everything in our lives is related to each other. Business, fun, and family time are all combined into one big conglomeration of happiness and work. 
“We’ll be having a family lunch, correct?” Katie asked. That’s a question that’s asked daily around here. Lunch time is kinda like a mini business meeting. 
“I’ll be here.” Mom glanced at me. “Are you going to be around, Maddie?” 
I tried to think of any plans I had, but none came to mind. “I’ll be here.” Darrick, Katie and Dad would all be there as well. That was a treat since all during the school year I was gone at lunch time. 
After our family dispersed, I decided to go on my run I’d been planning on before deciding to help Carter. I put my earphones in and turned on the audio Bible I had on my iPhone. It’s the dramatized version, and I really enjoy listening to it. Somehow it makes all the Bible characters come alive. After listening to a book several times over, I begin feeling as if I actually know the people and can relate to the different accounts that take place in the scripture. 
Somehow, it seems like the miles melt away when I’m listening to the New Testament. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound fair when people talk about miles melting away, and in reality it isn’t easy and I come home sore and tired, but it’s a lot easier than when I’m not listening to anything. I took a five mile jog, then headed back to the house for a shower and music practice. I generally help out at the office some, but since summer had just begun, I hadn’t gotten regular hours yet and so I had some free time (free time to practice music) and that made me happy. 
I started out with playing a few songs on the piano just for the fun of it. There’s nothing like piano music to sooth me or get me into a happy mood, depending on what type I’m playing. Then I moved on to my violin practice. Since I’d been playing violin for about eleven years I was fairly good at it. I felt like my fingers flowed along the strings, making music on their own accord. Then I began working on technique, and all those happy feelings fled. I don’t know of any musician who likes the sound of open strings and other such work. It’s not the beautiful, haunting melodies most people think of, instead it’s kinda grading to the ears. 
I figured I could fit in about three or so hours of practice before lunch time, but after only an hour, I was so tired I felt I deserved the reward of a quick nap, something I’m hardly ever prone to indulge in. 

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