Question and Answers with Aubrey

Hey y’all! Welcome to another session of Q&A! I hope y’all are enjoying these as much as I am. 

Today is going to be fun, because Aubrey is the one asking the questions. And, Aubrey just happens to be my lovely cousin. And one of my best friends. And she’s totally amazing. And she asks very weird, random questions. Y’all are about ready to get a glimpse of me being very me. I hope it doesn’t scare you.  

If you were a plate of food what would you be?

Alphabet soup? Actually, I’ve never tasted any that I like, so I take that back. What about a banana split with a dill pickle thrown in? Cause I’m sweet, interesting, weird, and not your average person. =) And yes, I do realize that banana splits usually go in bowls, not plates, but I like being different. 
Who is your role model? (I know we all know the answer to this)
Yes, you all know my answer because I answered it a few days ago. The answer first and foremost is Jesus. And of course, Aubrey, you’re one of my role models. (How could you not be?) And we’ll stop there for today. 
Aubrey, Me, Sarah
Who/what is your muse? 
I’m not sure I should be admitting this, but I’m not sure what a muse is. (Don’t freak out, people! Just explain it to me.) I mean, I’ve seen it on different writing/music blogs, but I’ve never quite figured it out. And, I just tried to look it up and all I came up with was info about a Greek goddess, and I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re referring to… 
On a typical day how much water do you consume? 
I drink a good amount most days. Especially when I’m writing. I’m guessing an average of 8-10 glasses of water. 
On a typical day how many thoughts do you have? 
Sixty-two thousand. And thanks, Aubrey, for asking. I’ve really been wanting to figure that out for a while now, but since it takes time to count them all up, I haven’t actually taken the step to do it, but your question forced me to. 
On an average day how many calories do you eat? 
I gave up eating calories a while ago. Instead I just eat food now. I’ve found that it’s tastier and healthier. 
On an average day how many times do you apologize?
A deep, serious apology? Not often a sorry I stepped on your toes/sorry I ate your food/sorry I’m not paying attention to you because I’m writing a blog post kind of apology? Ten times? Maybe? I’m not sure. 
And that’s it, folks! I hope that wasn’t too random for you. 🙂 

One thought on “Question and Answers with Aubrey

  1. David Mabe says:

    A muse is something that you study because it interests you. We get our word “museum” from it. A museum is filled with things we muse over. 🙂 Not sure about that banana split with the dill pickle thing. Ewwww….:-) I know you weren't saying you'd eat it but rather that it isn't an average thing, just as you aren't an average person. But it sure provided an interesting mental image. I couldn't answer the thought count. They flash too fast to count them all. How in the world did you count them? 🙂


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