When Life Hands You Lymes # 19

Welcome to the second Friday in May! As all you regular Noveltea readers know, today we get to read the nineteenth segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. I hope you enjoy!

“I talked to Jason for a while last night,” Katie announced, bring all of our attention to her. It’s not as if we don’t hear from Jason very often, but no matter how much contact we have, we still miss him. Have I mentioned that our family is rather close with each other? 
“How’s he doing?” Dad poured some cold milk on his oatmeal. If you haven’t tried warm oatmeal with soft raisins and cold milk, you’re missing out on a delicious breakfast food. 
“He said he’s glad he got his business internship out there for the summer, but he’s missing all of us a lot.” Katie pointed at me, “I told him you were using his cool, dark basement to ward off your headache and he was gratified. He said he felt like he was still getting to play the part of heroic big brother, even from half-way across the country.” 
I snorted, “He’s more than half-way across the country.” 
“I told him that too, and he said to not remind him, he’s trying to forget that fact.”
“Are you girls going to miss me as much when I leave home?” Darrick asked. 
Katie and I looked at each other, and raised our eyebrows. Darrick was a great brother, but he was more of the trickster in our family, compared to gallant Jason. 
“Of course we’ll miss you, Darrick.” Katie threw her hands up in the air, “How could we even think of living without having to constantly check above our doors for buckets of water waiting to splash on us, mouse traps in our beds and the water turned to cold in the shower?” 
Darrick gave a us both a frown, “I don’t know how you’d live without me. I am firmly convinced that you would both become squealing girly, girls who jump at the sight of a bug and are squeamish when you get a cut.” He shook himself like a wet dog, “And that would totally ruin our family’s image.” 
“Our family’s image is what?” I was confused. 
“Our family has the image of strong, healthy, hearty, outgoing people who can succeed in this world because they know how to persist when others fail.” 
Katie and I looked at each other, surprised at our brother’s speech. “Wow Darrick, where did you come up with that?” I raised my cup of orange juice up in a fake toast. 
“He read it in a biography.” Katie gave Darrick the look, and waited for him to acknowledge if she was right or not. 
“No, it was in a movie.” Darrick turned his attention to our parents. “Have you noticed, wonderful parents of mine, that my dear sisters haven’t answered my simple question?” 
“I feel as if I’m in a houseful of kids again. Either that or I’ve been transported back to the Jane Austen Era.” Mom shook her head, laughing at us. “Are you three really arguing about how much you like each other?” 
Ok, now that she put it that way, our conversation sounded even sillier than it had a minute before. “I would miss you, Darrick.” I smiled at him, because really, I would. Maybe not the same way that I missed Jason, but that didn’t mean it would be better or easier on me. 

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